19 September 2021

Kao Salon Division engages Consumers in Industry Recovery with “Worth The Wait”

Kao is connecting with consumers who are sorely missing their barbers and hairdressers during COVID-19 forced closures, encouraging them to rethink all desperate DIY fixes, supporting the recovery of the Salon Industry.

Scrolling through social media one cannot help but note friends, relatives and other contacts lamenting over the current state of their look while exiled from their beloved stylists. Journalists and television hosts have reported on the consumer rush on box color, clippers and styling tools, while social media content continues to showcase the disastrous results of at-home, DIY attempts.

Perhaps these posts and news were what prompted Kao Salon Division to develop #WorthTheWait, a global social media campaign designed to celebrate the unique and intimate relationship that salon professionals establish with their clients. Indeed, #WorthTheWait is the consumer-oriented component of the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, a program that consists of multiple support campaigns intended to address the overwhelming challenges the salon industry and its professionals are facing as they begin reopening their businesses.

The creative content of this new social media campaign is designed to reinforce each consumers’ reverence for their stylists, underscoring the social and emotional connection they share. The objective is to encourage salon clients to wait for their favorite salon to open rather than taking unnecessary cutting and colouring “risks” during lockdowns.

As we thoughtfully analyzed how we could best support the recovery of this industry, we examined the most meaningful shared values amongst all professionals and, with that, continuity of client relationships continually emerged as a critical element,” says John Moroney,  Global VP of Creative and Communication, Kao Salon Division. “We know stylists spend months and years cultivating individual client relationships to amass their following. Maintaining these relationships almost always requires the stylist go above and beyond providing salon services, acting as a close friend, confidant and more. What better way to honor their hard work than to create a consumer movement that puts a spotlight on this truly unique dynamic.

The creative content posted by Kao Salon will focus on the human element of salon relations, as well as the unmatched skills required of licensed stylists. All content will be brand agnostic and supported with advertising across Facebook and Instagram, driving both impressions and engagement.

More importantly, each stylist and salon will be able to download and repurpose the content on their own channels, allowing their clients and followers to engage with the post using personalised dialogue.

#WorthTheWait will debut soon on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned.


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