1 December 2022

Virtual Classrooms: Wella Professionals’ Digital Options and Opportunities

This moment of social distancing has everyone concerned about the future of the economy. While hairdressers are on lockdown at home, Wella Professionals is offering a way to hone skills, find inspiration, and boost professionalism through online education.

The outlook may seem bleak, but there are ways that hairdressers can use this downtime while their salons are closed to the public to be extra-prepared and psyched to get back to work when the time comes. For example, Wella Professionals has ramped up their virtual education offerings since the beginning of the crisis with Virtual Classrooms on Zoom and multiple daily Instagram Lives.

You can find up to date calendar and links to register on us.wella.professionalstore.com/virtualclassroom and www.wellaed.com

Hairdressers can make good use of this time when they are not behind the chair but instead in front of their computers to maintain known skills, learn new ones, and draw inspiration.

This type of moral support is invaluable during times like these, both while under lockdown to realize that all hairdressers stand united, and after as they bring their newly learned skills back to their salons.


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