30 September 2023

ITVA Interview: Gold Creative Artist of the Year 2020, Charles Junior Louw

Further to the announcements of the results of Wella Professionals’ International TrendVision Awards, we are delighted to publish this exclusive interview with Gold Creative Artist of the Year 2020, Charles Junior Louw from South Africa.

Over the years, Wella Professionals’ International TrendVision Awards have become one of the most coveted accolades in the hairdressing industry. Its winners often go on to become some of the most admired professionals in this craft. This year is no exception with six winners rising above thousands of entries to win a spot in the categories of International Color Artist and International Creative Artist, two of the most coveted ones amongst professional hairdressers.

Recent world events have hit so close to home for our cherished professional community, which is all about closeness and human-to-human connection,” said Sylvie Moreau, President Coty Professional Beauty. “I’ve seen the sense of unity and strength amongst hairdressers during this difficult time and knew that celebrating these winners was not only a well-deserved recognition of their amazing talent, but a source of positive news for us all,” she continued. “Charles Junior Louw and the other winners represent the crème de la crème of stylists, having been selected from over 9,000 entries.


In challenging times like these, displays of creative excellence are even more uplifting than ever. How does it feel to be an ITVA winner in such a special year as 2020?

It feels amazing. I can’t describe the feeling I felt the moment I realized I won Gold for ITVA 2020 Creative Artist, all I remember was a lot of screaming and jumping on my bed.
The cancellation of the ITVA CReative Retreat in Seville has been a disappointment to every, what positive message of solidarity would like to send out to all our TrendVision family worldwide?
Yes, it might be lockdown now for most of us but my advice is to relax as much as possible and enjoy the time that was given to us with your loved ones. When the world starts moving again, we will be killing it with all our creative souls and new ideas.
Explain something of your journey from first entering the TVAs in your home-country to being declared an International winner.
Always stick to your first choice. I can’t explain how many times I wanted to change my entry. What I realized from this journey is sometimes simplicity can be much more striking. I didn’t once think I was going to win NTVA, and then when I saw I was nominated for ITVA I was shocked! The outcome was never what I expected.
Please tell us something about the creative inspiration behind your ITVA winning image?
My vision was a Vintage inspired Grace Jones. I wanted to create a soft feminine feel, reflecting a vintage filter. Basically an architectural masterpiece.
What do you love the most about Wella haircolor?
What I love about Wella color is that, once the coloring service is done, the hair talks for itself. It creates life and the clients smile at the end of the service.
What is your specialty when it comes to hair?
Definitely colour and cutting. Transformations.
What is your favourite hair technique at the moment? Why?
Freehand cutting. I absolutely love this! I’m a perfectionist when it comes to hair and absolutely love balance and creating shapes.
How important is hair education for you? What seminar/course changed your career?
Education can make or break your career. Master Color Expert by Wella and Triple Craft by Stephen Moody changed my life. Education is the key to success.
As a hairdresser, what is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
We as hairstylists can sometimes be too sensitive and we don’t welcome criticism. My lecturer once told me I will never be successful because I could not handle criticism at the time. I had to change my way of thinking and learn not to take criticism personally. Criticism puts you under pressure but helps you achieve great results.
Looking to the future and a time when the world returns to normality, how do you see you career as a hairdresser/colourist evolving further as a result of being an ITVA winner?
As part of my prize I will be presenting a live model on stage at the 2020 Destination Event in Gran Canaria later this year. I am officially part of the Dream Team. It makes me so happy. I believe that this will take me places and I am very excited for this opportunity. I love educating and helping hairstylists to better themselves. I hope this win will help to share my talent to the world and help others achieve what I have achieved.


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