16 August 2022

Hot News! Angelo Seminara wins his 5th AIPP Grand Trophy

The AIPP (Association Internationale Presse Professionnelle Coiffure) announced that the overall winner of the AIPP Grand Trophy 2019-2020 is… ANGELO SEMINARA (UK)!!! With this sought-after acknowledgement Angelo Seminara conquers his fifth AIPP Grand Trophy!

Finalists of the AIPP Grand Trophy 2019-2020 were the five winners of the AIPP Awards 2019-2020 crowned in London last October: Angelo Seminara (UK), Danny Pato (New Zealand), Jose Boix @ Toni&Guy (Spain), Mark Leeson (UK) and X-Presion (Spain).


Angelo Seminara is one of the most captivating and original hair stylists of our time. Four times winner of the BHA British Hairdresser of the Year Award (2007, 2010, 2012 and 2016), five times winner of the Grand Trophy AIPP Award (2012, 2016, 2017, 2019 and 2020) and current International Hairdresser of the Year at the IHAwards 2020 (he also won this award last year), his work is hugely influential and is avidly followed by hair professionals, photographers, stylists and models the world over.

Admired for his imagination, skill and creative drive, Seminara’s work defies categorization. His approach is that of an artist, designer or inventor, imaginatively translating observations of the world into stunningly original shapes and colours. An avid photographer and collector of art and design books, Seminara brings a range of influences to bear on his work, and is constantly pushing the boundaries.

Check the AIPP Grand Trophy Hall of Fame!

    1997-1998    Joan Anglada (Spain)
    1998-1999    Jean-Claude Gallon (France)
    1999-2000    Anthony Whitaker (Australia)
    2000-2001    Andrew Collinge (UK)
    2001-2002    Trevor Sorbie (UK)
    2002-2003    Charlie Miller (UK)
    2003-2004    Trevor Sorbie (UK)
    2004-2005    Errol Douglas (UK)
    2005-2006    Tono Sanmartín (Spain)
    2006-2007    Robert Lobetta (USA)
    2007-2008    Tom Kroboth (Austria)
    2008-2009    Petra Mechurova (Czech Republic)
    2009-2010    X-Presion (Spain)
    2010-2011    Rush Hair (UK)
    2011-2012    Angelo Seminara (UK)
    2012-2013    Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK)
    2013-2014    Christophe Gaillet (France)
    2014-2015    Chie Sato @ Toni&Guy (UK)
    2015-2016    Angelo Seminara (UK)
    2016-2017    Angelo Seminara (UK)
    2017-2018    Mark Leeson (UK)
    2018-2019    Angelo Seminara (UK)
    2019-2020    Angelo Seminara (UK)

Congratulations to ALL FINALISTS & WINNERS in the AIPP Awards 2019-2020 and stay tuned for the new AIPP Awards competition coming soon!


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