3 July 2022

#ArtistsSupportingArtists – Sam Villa receives 2020 International Hair Influencer Award

Sharing is the greatest gift we can give one another…to support each other so we can all grow and prosper together,” says Sam Villa, originator of the #ArtistsSupportingArtists movement (along with Andrew Carruthers/Education Director of Sam Villa) and recipient of the International Hairdressing Awards first International Hair Influencer of the Year Award.

The award symbolizes the affirmative effect his namesake brand has had on social media, as well as the positive global impact he has made on the industry. See his acceptance speech BELOW!

I ask one thing…for all salon professionals to THINK before they act on social media,” says Villa. A concept rooted in the “Think Before You Speak” belief that Villa wishes to infuse in the professional industry with respect to social media.  

T – Is the information TRUE?
H – Is something really HAPPENING or is it made up or exaggerated?
I – Is the content INSPIRING?
K – Is it KIND?

The next time you post, think about using your voice to promote a community of inspiration, support and evolution,” says Villa. “You could be that person who inspires a young stylist not to give up… who encourages someone to take a creative risk… to applaud a job well done… or you might be that person who is fueled to accomplish your goals based on the encouragement of others,” he adds. “Either way, it’s advantageous to moving our industry forward in a healthy sustainable way.

Now in its second year, the International Hairdressing Awards took place last Sunday, February 16th in Madrid and welcomed one thousand hair professionals and special guests from 30 different countries, with finalists from as far afield as Malaysia and New Zealand. Those not fortunate enough to attend in person were able to follow all the proceedings via a live stream direct from the show venue, IFEMA – Feria de Madrid.

The event was presented on stage by Mikel Luzea, Founder and Director of the International Hairdressing Awards, and hosted by Sergi Bancells, International Editorial Director at Estetica Magazine. The big moment then came for the fifteen finalists in attendance, as the winners in the five categories were revealed:
● Best International Men’s Commercial Collection: Jim Shaw & Daisy Carter (UK)
● Best International Women’s Commercial Collection: Lisa Polini (Australia)
● Best International Avant-garde Collection: Dee Parker Attwood (Australia)
● International Artistic Team of the Year: X-Presion (Spain)
● International Hairdresser of the Year: Angelo Seminara (UK)

The winners were chosen by a jury made up of five renowned hairdressers: Antoinette Beenders, Tabatha Coffey, Beverly C., Robert Lobetta and Tono Sanmartín. The sponsors of the International Hairdressing Awards 2020 were Revlon Professional and Salón Look Madrid-Ifema, while Estetica Magazine was once again the global media sponsor.

For the first time in 2020, the organization of the International Hairdressing Awards decided to present the International Hair Influencer of the Year Award, which recognizes the impact and influence of a hairdressing professional in the world of social media, and was awarded to Sam Villa, one of the most respected and beloved professionals and educators in the world. Furthermore, iconic British hairdresser, Trevor Sorbie, was honored with the International Hair Legend of the Year Award, in recognition of his career in the profession and charitable work, as well as for being an indisputable point of reference for industry professionals from all over the world.


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