6 December 2023

No Holds Barred: 20 Questions with Whitney VerMeer

Whitney VerMeer is a global award winning published artist celebrated for her craft of conceptually and architecturally inspired hair designs and notorious for her integrity to her core-beliefs of equality in the industry she moves to disrupt.

Known for her avant garde editorial work, Whitney works as the Global Creative Lead for Andis Company where she conceptualizes and executes visuals, executes visuals, like the new Andis FLUID Collection, to assist in pushing the clipper industry forward globally. We got intimate with Whitney in our ‘no holds barred’ interview – don’t miss out!

1. As a barber I am… constantly evolving alongside my craft.
2. The thing I value the most about specializing in men’s hair is… being able to sculpt a tailored/personalized look for each individual that sits in my chair.
3. A barber should always have… a clipper AND a scissor.
4. The trend that never should have existed… the man bun.
5. What I love about Andis is… the innovative culture.
6. If I wasn’t a barber I would be… an architect.
7. If I could change a well-known person’s look it would have to be… Kristen Stewart.
8. The most special professional moment I’ve recently had is… making history by being the first woman to ever release a scissor line and creating the first ever scissor made ergonomically for women’s hands.
9. I can’t work without my… Andis Supra ZR II
10. I believe the future of barbering is headed to… removing the gap between hairdressing and barbering.
11. My main source of inspiration is… art, architecture and fashion.
12. A men’s hair trend I would like to see come back is… shoulder length hair.
13. My specialty when it comes to hair is… precision haircuts.
14. My journey with barbering began because… I worked as a generalist in salons for years and I kept narrowing my focus until I found what I truly loved.
15. My favorite technique at the moment is… razor over comb.
16. My professional mentor is… Christine Schuster of L’Oreal.
17. Unforgettable professional advice is…You’re already a leader, you just need to find your voice.”— Christine Schuster of L’Oreal.
18. Education for a barber is… crucial to success.
19. I love that my career has given me… the opportunity to create a life specializing in the aspects of the industry that I love the most.
20. What I want to share with budding barbers is… never stop learning. The moment you think you know it all, you stop growing.


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