23 May 2024

Estetica Exclusive: OMC Hairworld’s Salvatore Fodera on the Future of Live Hair Competition

Estetica met with industry icon Salvatore Fodera, OMC World President, to talk about the OMC (Organisation Mondiale Coiffure) –the largest professional hairstylists’ organization in the world– and his plans for the future of the greatest live hair competition in our industry.

What are the plans of OMC Hairworld in 2020?
In 2020 we’re so excited to come back to Paris on September 12th-14th. We are moving forward to change some of the technical categories into more fashionable and commercial salon looks. Our intention is to give many hairdressers around the world the opportunity to be part of it, because we are so high in terms of technical level, that some would love to participate but fear it may be too technically challenging for them. So we will be changing some of the fashion categories.

How do you intend to engage more people with OMC, especially first-timers?
We need to publicize the news and the message we want to convey by showing hairstyles and images about what kind of things we are looking forward to seeing and encouraging hairdressers to create in the competition. Some of them already belong to the organization, because we exist in more than 50 countries. In countries where we have no members at all, we accept individual members to come and compete as well. So this is a message we need to send to the world, saying that OMC is the ultimate organization in the world that presents an official world championship team and individuals and we are happy to welcome everyone on board.

Any hairdresser from any country can compete, even if they are not a member of the local organization?
Well, if there is a national organization and an individual is not a member, we cannot accept the submission. We can accept a group, or another organization. We recommend that an individual join an existing organization, or otherwise they can create their own group.

So the OMC website provides all the necessary information of aspiring competitors?
Yes, there is an application on the OMC World website. Any hairdresser who is interested in becoming a WORLD CHAMPION can go to the OMC website, go to ‘About’, and look for the membership application, which explains everything. Or ask the President, or the OMC Marketing Director, and we can follow up accordingly.

In the world today there are many competitions, but most of them are photographic. This is the biggest live competition.
There is nothing else like OMC in the world. Since 2016, the OMC Hairworld World Cup, that used to be every two years, has become an annual competition. Hairworld is the event, while OMC World Cup involves teams and individuals. So OMC offers the biggest platform in the world that gives everyone a chance to take the spotlight and be proclaimed a WORLD CHAMPION. And for the record, last year we had 1,300 competitors, which is unprecedented. It’s amazing, and it only happens at OMC.

When should we tell hairdressers is the best time to start prepping to participate?
Most organizations start preparing NOW. And soon we will be announcing that we will begin moving forward in different parts of the world with our educational concept – Look’n’Learn Seminars. We will have one in Moscow in April, open to all ladies & gents hairdressers/barbers. This is a seminar where all trainers and competitors will learn the direction we are taking with individual categories, so they can learn what to do, where to enter, etc. And coming up next year, there will be the OMC Rising Stars for the students. We have over one hundred people asking to compete, but they don’t yet have the skills of outstanding professionals, so we are introducing something for students of all ages.
So we have a very, very interesting concept, because the goal of OMC is to make sure everyone joins the OMC global family and can take a spotlight in their specific category. Other groups do other things, but OMC is the only one who presents the world title and we are the only organization that presents the World Cup. We have beautiful trophies, we have the “Diamond Award” that everyone enjoys for senior participants. We have the Juniors’ championship who will not be a world champion but an international one, who can always grow to participate in the Senior category.

Well, it’s not only the competition – it’s an amazing experience for everyone involved.
Not everyone can be a winner, but just participating is a winning situation: the experience, the enthusiasm, the knowledge they gain and take away. They are enriched, it’s not just the medal. The medal is in their mind and in their heart. The experience they gain, the knowledge they take back to their salon, and to be able to talk about it with their clients. And then during the year they are training and preparing for this big event. And let’s not forget that social media connects everybody in the world nowadays. And all these connections culminate in this wonderful platform of OMC.

What locations are being planned for the future?
As I said before, in 2020 we’re going back to Paris, because we have a contract there. Then in 2021 it will be very exciting to actually leave Paris and go to Yokohama, Japan. I’ve seen the plan, I’ve seen the venue and it’s all really amazing. Another thing is that we’re going to have an international nails competition in Russia in April. So that will be something new. Everyone is very excited and looking forward to it because in 2021 it’s going to be the 75th anniversary of OMC – so another milestone. And one of the sponsors of the OMC Japan event will be Takara Belmont in celebration of their 100th anniversary. So it will be a truly amazing event in every way. And of course there will be space for all our official partners to reserve their space and be part of the 2021 Hairworld on 26th -28th September 2021.” 

For more information, please visit www.omchairworld.com


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