10 December 2023

New Vibrant Advancement in Hair Color

Aveda expands their Full Spectrum™ hair color with long-awaited bold, semi-permanent hues that also leave hair conditioned and radiant.

Aveda has long been known as a point of reference for plant-based hair, skin and body products for beauty professionals and consumers alike, combining both modern and traditional botanical technologies to attain outstanding and environmentally sustainable innovations.

And now Aveda is once again offering salon professionals the possibility to create customizable palettes of bold hues while delivering radiant shine with a 96% naturally derived formulas and a signature blend of protective plant oils. 

Introducing Full Spectrum Vibrants™

Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants™ presents an astonishing 10 new bold shades (plus clear) piques the colorist’s creativity to flow by using each shade alone for intense, vibrant results or blend one or more together to create unique, customizable shades.

But for Aveda, no color service would never be complete without leaving hair perfectly conditioned and radiant. Formulated with Aveda’s signature blend of protective plant oils, featuring certified organic sunflower, castor, jojoba and kukui, clients can now enjoy personalized vibrant color that lasts up to 15 washes while keeping their hair healthy.

In addition to boosting creative inspiration for colorists behind the chair, there are also technical advantages. For example, the color is heat safe, will not bleed onto hair during processing or washing, or transfer onto fabrics. Moreover, its low pH, damage-free formula, does not lift hair cuticle. And this semi-permanent color lasts for only about 15 washes and in any case is easily and gently removed with Aveda Color Cleanse service, making it a soft sell for clients yearning to change their looks but are still hesitant about taking the leap.

The Full Spectrum Vibrants™ Look Book

What better way is there to inspire colorists and convince clients than a collection of color trends and techniques? Indeed, the Aveda Education Autumn/Winter 2019 Color Trend Guide explores how each colorist created a look that reflects the unique personality of their guest and showcases their new vibrant lifestyle. The most stunning effect is that these seven looks are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants™… the rest is up to you and your imagination.


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