4 June 2023

A Game Changer: Salon Emotion supports Development, Business Growth and Your Future Success

When Salon Emotion by L’Oréal Professional Products Division debuted, it was hailed as a pioneering program to support development, business growth and the future success of the salon industry.

So simple yet incredibly effective, Salon Emotion is based on three key drivers: training and raising awareness of services, personalized advice, and guidance to modernize salons on how to reenchant the guests’ emotional journey within a salon. The ultimate goal is to focus on and optimize the client’s experience, elevating every touchpoint along the journey.

At the core of Salon Emotion there is a clear seven-step plan to success that is unique yet versatile, easily adaptable to any salon concept: Window Presence (digital & physical), Client Reception, Consultation, Treatment Lounge, Client Service, Retail and Checkout.

After being offered one of the first classes in their area, Jayson Morgan and Jamie Thomas, co-owners of J. Morgan Salon and Home in Easton, Pennsylvania, were convinced that the Salon Emotion approach would make a difference in their business. “The industry today dictates that we as a salon company create a unique experience; it is no longer about just a good haircut and color,” explains Jamie. “Consultations, digital imagery, interactive spaces, and top notch retail add to our space, so J.Morgan partnered with Salon Emotion to help provide this point of difference.”

Since they began implementing Salon Emotion, the salon gives off a completely different vibe. “We now give the guests the whole experience of coming to J. Morgan Salon,” says Jamie. “From the minute guests come into our space, they are greeted by amazing people, fantastic imagery, and an overall unique experience. Guests are able to touch the products, have one on one experiences with their stylists, and relax while they are in salon.”

Salon Emotion is indeed a game changer. Any salon can have a great plan and design, but this program elevates that plan without changing the individuality of the salon. “In addition to being quantifiable, for example, our retail to service ratio increased from 16.7% to 18.5% in just 3 months, Salon Emotion partners also tend to notice other key benefits as well, like staff being more likely to stay on, making it possible to grow Level 1s and associates,” stated Jamie.

The financial gain perceived by our employees and team has had a significant impact, thanks to the increase in retail, prebooks, and better guest experience that our company has seen since partnering with Salon Emotion. Prebooking is on the rise as guests realize that they must make their appointments with their preferred stylists if they want timely service,” added Jamie.

Moreover, Salon Emotion concepts are versatile and can be adapted to suit the unique style and concept of any salon. Although J. Morgan Salon is in a 19th-century historic building, Jamie and Jayson came to love the eye-catching digital screens that provide up to date imagery that perfectly aligns with the J.Morgan company concept as well. “We are able to customize the screens with our own taste of imagery in addition to what is provided by our L’Oréal brands,” specifies Jamie. In addition to converting their existing salon to the Salon Emotion concept, Jamie and Jayson fully intend to bring Salon Emotion on board from day 1 at a second company location, J.Morgan West.

“While our second salon will be in Bethlehem Township, PA, only 12 minutes from our downtown location, we are sure to have success by partnering with Salon Emotion,” they declare. Design plans include adding multiple digital screens in the front windows, designing color bars with imagery, adding backlit haircare treatment areas, and digital and/or backlit retail areas.

“Salon Emotion and J.Morgan West will create the demand and unique experience that our guests and our stylists will be drawn to,” explains Jamie. “Our clients love the imagery of the salon, the digital screens and color bars. It is always nice to hear from your guests how much the salon stands apart from others in the region. Salon Emotion helps us to stand apart as a company while staying current if not ahead of the game with our look and experience.”

Join the future and elevate the client journey in your salon. For + info e-mail: SalonEmotion@support.lorealusa.com or follow on Instagram #salonemotionus


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