8 December 2023

Life Marketing Group & Shauky Gulamani announce a Major Breakthrough in the Cosmetic Brush Technology

After 35 years as a successful and forward-thinking hairdresser and executive leading many of the professional salon industry’s top beauty companies, Shauky Gulamani announced that Guangzhou DZD Industrial Co., Ltd. received a patent for a process of 3D twisted curved shape soft touch filament.

The 3D twisted curved shape soft touch filament is made up of new resilient synthetic material for make-up and other application that feels and performs like natural hairbrush, a tapered point which provides 78% more powder, cream or pigment absorption than traditional brushes on the market today and 97% release from the brush for better even application. The environmentally friendly cruelty free material that replaces real animal hair.

Gulamani adds the new 3D Patented technology for the structure and production in high density twisted crimping technique for the filament used in their brand-new synthetic fiber that emulate the performance of high cost animal hair and replace it with much more economical environmental material.

Powders and creams are absorbed more evenly throughout their patented 360° irregular fiber twisted crimp and is released slowly and evenly for better application.

This technology is developed to be used in makeup brushes, hairbrushes, hair color brushes, eyelashes, eye lash applicator, facial cleansing brushes, shaving brush and many other applications.

Here are some of the benefits of using a synthetic brush over one made with animal hair:

● Easier to clean.
● Repel bacteria and dirt better that animal hair does.
● Many people have allergies to animal hair.
● They shed less, if at all.
● They work with both cream and powder products.

Gulamani is most excited about this new patent, that his factory will offer finished product using this filament material to any company that is looking for new patented technology for their brand. This is truly a first real innovation to hit the cosmetic beauty industry in this category.

At LIFE Marketing Group, our business model not only allows us to offer super competitive product range, it also gives us the ability and agility to respond to market needs and run with our ideas the moment creativity strikes,” says Gulamani. “LIFE stands for Luxury Innovation for Everyone. And that sums up our mission. We believe everyone should have access to the best possible products and technology in order to bring their artistry to life and support their businesses, and the quality of these products that should be innovative.

Life Marketing Group provides the professional beauty industry with superior and innovative products. For more information on the 3D patented technology and finished product, contact Shauky Gulamani, 661-388-8709 or sgulamani@lifemarketinggroup.com


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