22 February 2024

Salon Emotion: Creating a Stronger Bond between Stylist and Client

Investments in top education and smart management made Ensemble the perfect location for L’Oréal’s revolutionary business program Salon Emotion.

When, in April of 2016, Darren Wood, the co-owner of Ensemble Salon in Portland, Oregon, learned about Salon Emotion from L’Oréal Professional Products Division, and was offered the opportunity to participate in the pilot program, Ensemble immediately seized the chance. After all, it was in line with their business philosophy so the team immediately started implementing the systems and elements of Salon Emotion into Ensemble’s culture.

The salon fully embraced the Salon Emotion 7 step journey, with the full staff in alignment. “Salon Emotion helped our salon company think about the mindset of the client in different ways, creating a stronger bond between stylist and client,” claims Wood.

Currently consumers are basing the majority of their decisions on where to shop on the experience that’s delivered and the emotional experience within that environment. Salon Emotion provides a specific, structured path for understanding the client’s emotional journey within our company,” he explains. Moreover, Salon Emotion makes it possible for smaller salons like theirs to implement systems and elements that they normally wouldn’t be able to attain, allowing them to gain a competitive edge and thrive. And they have the numbers to prove it!

As a result of Salon Emotion, client retention and revenues have increased month over month,” Wood declares, “our rebook rate has increased from 53% to 67%, we saw 430 referrals alone last year, and we grew our Retail to Sales (RTS) from 11% to 20%. Moreover, our staff has continued to increased their W2 earnings year over year since implementing the elements of the program,” Darren explains.

But even these numbers can’t compete with the rise in staff morale and incentives to work towards a common cause. “We especially noticed that everyone takes ownership of our environment and is proud of what they have been able to build together in partnership with L’Oréal and Salon Emotion.
Salon Emotion also brought some unexpected benefits. Wood shared, “The most surprising aspect was the calls generated at night when the salon was closed. People would be visiting businesses open later in our parking lot and notice our digital window monitor featuring brand content – 24/7 advertising for our salon.

Wood is also garnering kudos from these new as well as old customers. “We constantly receive compliments on the space and how they feel during their visit,” he says. “Our mission statement is ‘helping people to be the best version of themselves’ and Salon Emotion fits seamlessly into our company’s DNA, as it helps us to be the best version of ourselves, too!

And this is just the beginning since Darren is a hands-on dynamic co-owner and manager who wants to continue to develop plans for the future. “Over the past two years, we have continued to implement both the mindset and physical elements of Salon Emotion. We can always strive to do better and evolve,” he observes. “Every day is a journey and we want to stay at the forefront of our industry’s trends in terms of client experience. As budgets continue to grow, we would love to continue optimizing and expanding on the elements within our salon to have an even greater impact on the client journey.

Salon Emotion is based on three key drivers: training and raising awareness of services, personalized advice, and guidance to modernize salons to re enchant the guests’ emotional journey through the salon experience. At the core of the program, there is a seven-step plan to success: Window Presence (digital & physical), Client Reception, Consultation, Treatment Lounge, Client Service, Retail and Checkout.

Join the future and elevate the client journey in your salon. For + info e-mail: SalonEmotion@support.lorealusa.com or follow on Instagram #salonemotionus


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