26 February 2024

Color Flow by Luigi Neri @ Class

Three trends to evoke the color moods of the season from Italian, Luigi Neri at Class Salon: Midnight Ray, Summer Sorbet and Naked Stone.

Midnight Ray
A dark mood with a geometric and nocturnal style that is inspired by dreamlike aspirations, but  also by the pragmatism of digital and technological themes.

Summer Sorbet
An unconventional style and palette that assimilates cultural and generational characteristics, reinterpreting them creatively thanks to a 360 ° fusion process.

Naked Stone
This mood interprets the boundary between nature and technology with long cuts and clean-cut lines, characterised by a light, enveloping and fluid styling.  amber, pink, beige and bronze.

  • Credits
    Concept & Hair: Luigi Neri @ Class
    Makeup: Simone Belli, National Make-up Designer L’Oréal Paris
    Fashion Designers: Simone Bartolotta & Salvatore Martorana
    Photo: Fabio Munis


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