11 December 2023

Uniquely Innovative: ANGEL II – PROVENCE, by Dancoly Paris

ANGEL Ⅱ – PROVENCE is the newest product range launched by the Dancoly Paris brand. These are products which are destined to be unique in comparison with all other brands.

With its commitment to the spirit of innovation, Dancoly Cosmetique continues to search for answers to customers changing needs and requirements. After extensive studies and research to discover the most suitable ingredients for professional hair care products, we have proudly introduced this pure, natural and inspiring range – ANGEL Ⅱ – PROVENCE. Arousing great interest in the fashion circles of the world, ANGEL Ⅱ – PROVENCE has quickly spread out to 58 countries and has been accepted and stocked in over 6,000 salons in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Toronto, Auckland, Shanghai, and Dubai.  From around the world’s famous fashion centres to a city where you live, Dancoly Paris ANGEL Ⅱ – PROVENCE range with its “pure, natural and environmentally friendly” concept has aroused great interest in the fashion industries of the world.

Here are 3 distinct reasons why ANGEL II – PROVENCE products by Dancoly are so special:

1. The pursuit of the purest and most natural ingredients with an ethically and environmentally friendly concept is the focus of this line. Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to decompose plant essences into micro molecules, allows for deeper penetration and absorption. This restores the hair’s elasticity and flexibility by deeply repairing the hair’s medulla.  All of the products in this line are free of an oily feel and will not weigh down the hair.

2. Another distinct feature of this unique product line is that it can be used on all  8 hair types: dry, oily, fine & limp, colored or chemically treated, hair with dandruff, thinning hair & hair loss and curly & straight hair. Each product is specifically designed for each unique hair type.

3. By understanding your hair type, you can now give yourself a complete hair treatment that is genuine, gentle and effective, while creating dazzling amazing results.

For more information please contact www.dancoly.com


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