6 December 2023

Get the Met Gala Look: Jennifer Connelly’s 2000s Minimalist Chic Moment by Giannandrea

Iconic hairstylist, Giannandrea, is known for setting trends with A-list celebrities on the red carpet and his look for actress Jennifer Connelly at the 2019 Met Gala, using ABBA Pure Performance Hair Care, didn’t disappoint! Learn how to!

For me, this look was just perfection – the ultimate modern, clean, healthy and shiny blow out. Jennifer was thrilled about her hair and how it balanced with her clean-lined Louis Vuitton dress (as was their team who styled her). While the theme was “camp” we incorporated it in an elegant way, where true beauty was allowed to be front and center. This is an accessible red carpet modern aesthetic with shine, shine and more shine,” commented Giannandrea.

How can you re-create this sleek blowout with a deep side part? Giannandrea shares his steps to achieve this look:

1. Start with freshly washed hair. I used ABBA Moisture Shampoo with a cold water rinse to seal the hair cuticle; this will dramatically increase the overall shine. Cold water is a must.
2. Do not use conditioner and towel dry the hair. Comb hair with a wide tooth comb.
3. In the crown area only, apply a generous amount of ABBA Volume Foam only in the roots and in the length ABBA Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion.
4. Comb through the hair once more, using a fine tail comb.  Section a long deep side part.
5. Section the hair in medium size sections, starting from the lower back, and work your way around the head, using a medium size natural boar bristle round brush and blow dry hair. Each section should be blown with high heat at various times to smooth. Do not flatten too much in the mid-part of the length. Only the ends are very straight. Finish each section with a blast of cold air from your blow dryer to seal it. Move all around the head, blowing each section the exact same way and do not rush through the process!
6. The open side – in Jennifer’s case by the left ear and deep side part – is blown downward and flat to the scalp.
7. The right side that falls gently over the face is blown sideways and downward just like a waterfall. When the whole head is dry. take a natural wood paddle brush (don’t use plastic to avoid static) and brush hair into place, making sure the top isn’t flat. Maintain roundness at the roots. The effect has to be flawless from root to ends!
8. To finish start on the left side by the top ear. Use a small amount of ABBA Style Gel with Medium Hold and apply it to the side only. Use your hands and a very tight tooth comb to flatten hair to scalp only in this spot it secure hair in place and it delivers a touch of shine. Dry gently a bit with a diffuser. Do not touch it again.
9. On the back and right side, hair has to move in unison. The ends can be flat ironed just a touch to enhance the sharp, angular haircut I gave Jennifer.
10. Once everything is in place, brush hair again with the paddle, one last time, and use ABBA Firm Finish Hair Spray all around the hair, eliminating fly-aways and ensuring the look is flawless all night!


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