1 October 2022

The Future is Now with Salon Emotion

Introducing Salon Emotion from L’Oréal Professional Products Division, a unique, transformational program designed to elevate the salon experience.

As the beauty industry is evolving from being focused on service to being experience-oriented, consumers are increasingly demanding in their search for a more personalized, digital journey, where service, bespoke moments and the feeling of empowerment become the standard. The keyword nowadays is “experience”.

Against this changing consumer landscape is also the reality of a 25% decline in clients’ visits per year since 2010; now salon pros must hone their marketing skills to create an enticing experience from the moment the client first connects with the salon. This is why L’Oréal Professional Products Division now offers Salon Emotion – a pioneering program to support the development, business growth and future success of the salon industry.

Creating a new mindset of consumer-centric service with enhancements, re-design, and state-of-the-art digital will improve the client visit and increase loyalty,” says Antonio Martinez-Rumbo, President of L’Oréal Professional Products Division USA. Salon Emotion is unique and transformative, and based on three key drivers: training and raising awareness of services, personalized advice, and guidance to modernize salons to re-enchant the clients’ emotional journey through their salon experience.

At the core of Salon Emotion are seven key steps of the client journey; each step is designed to make an emotional connection: Window “Attract Me”; Reception “Welcome Me”; Consultation “Wow Me”; Treatment Lounge “Relax Me”; Service “Reveal Me”; Retail “Empower Me” and Checkout “Care For Me”. The program provides the mindset and training to elevate each step with core protocols, client connection, and digital and furnishing elements to amplify the outcome. Results worldwide show it works. Salons fully embracing Salon Emotion have seen service and retail gains +20% along with significantly higher rebooks, referrals and most importantly client loyalty.

To get an insider’s view of the practical implications of Salon Emotion, Estetica talked to Jaison Henry of The House of J Henry, Maine’s premier hair salon, located in Portland’s historic Old Port. Jaison found out about the Salon Emotion concept in 2018, and decided to join this “movement”. “I think it’s hard for beauty pros to put themselves in a customer’s shoes. We don’t experience salons the same way as a typical customer does. Salon Emotion allows you to look at the customer experience differently, from their perspective,” explained Jaison.

The House of J Henry team were eager to accept the challenges presented by this new concept and the program has resulted in the team offering a more holistic beauty experience for their customers. “It isn’t just about the haircut and haircolor, it’s about the totality of the customer visit… I believe our guests have noticed a difference on how we present ourselves since the implementation of Salon Emotion. Our rebook percentage is at 74.5% and in January alone of this year we received 81 more referrals than we did January of last year. Our services sales are up, frequency of visits are up, retail sales are up, and team member tips are up. Every team member is taking home more money in service commissions, retail commissions, and tips,” he declares.

Our overall sales are up 30% Y.O.Y., our retail sales are up 27% Y.O.Y. and we maintain a 22% Retail to Service ratio. We attribute much of this to what we have learned from Salon Emotion, the visual tools provided by Salon Emotion and goal setting,” says Jaison Henry.

Sometimes it’s the little things, often overlooked, that can make a big difference. For example, Jaison claims he was surprised by the impact made by paying more attention to the salon’s window dressing. “We added monitors that display new products, services and show the inside of our company. Our walk in traffic is up and our customers are asking about the new products being displayed. I would never have paid that much attention to our front window before Salon Emotion,” he admits.

As Jaison sums up, “with Salon Emotion, we can evolve and keep pace with our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Join the future and elevate the client journey in your salon. For more info e-mail salonemotion@support.lorealusa.com or follow on Instagram #salonemotion


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