16 June 2024

Rise to New Levels with Pravana’s NEW Pure Light Ultra Lightener!

Blonding: the most requested yet most challenging salon service that stylists face every day behind the chair. With the ongoing platinum and pastel hair trends among influencers and celebrities, clients are looking to professionals to recreate these looks more than ever…

…what if it was possible to achieve higher levels of lift while maintaining the integrity of the overall finished look?

Introducing the all-new PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™: PRAVANA’s highest lifting lightener that’s clinically proven to increase shine and softness of hair. PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™ does more than lift; it’s formulated with NEW REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY that restores hair from the inside out.

What is REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY? Lightening services work by swelling the cuticle to allow lightener to enter the hair, leaving it in a dry, fragile state. REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY works by depositing amino acids, for added internal strength, and plant-derived polymers that mend the cuticle layer. The result? Smooth, shiny hair! Since REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY adheres to the inner cuticle layer rather than coat the strand, hair is free of heavy residues that can weigh it down and is left with beautiful, natural shine. PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™ with REUNITE MENDING TECHNOLOGY also works with lightener, not against it, so stylists don’t need to factor in longer processing times, plus they have the ability to use their developer volume of choice, making it a must behind the chair.

Want to see it in action? Check out the video below!
The campaign artists, PRAVANA Collective’s Chita Beseau and curl expert Leysa Carrillo, demonstrated the ability of the new PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener on two models with different hair textures, showcasing the lightener’s ability to lift up to 9 levels and leave hair smoother and shinier.

PURE LIGHT Ultra Lightener™’s smooth, creamy formula is ideal for:
– Platinum blonde touch-ups
– Ultra blonding for hard-to-lift hair
– Pre-lightening for VIVIDS, especially when creating trending pastel shades

Technical Hotline: 855-PRAVANA • www.pravana.com


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