30 November 2022

#DripHaircolor – A Funky, Creative Way to Color Hair!

Here’s a fascinating, fun and artistic way to color the hair created by the queen of rainbow hair, Taylor Rae!

#DRIPHAIRCOLOR is the name of the hair coloring technique created by Taylor Rae, an awesome colorist with more than 154K followers on Instagram. The inspiration? It is born out of artists who use resin and acrylic to create their works of art.

The hair becomes a canvas on which to apply copious amounts of color! The result? Rainbow hair (of which Taylor Rae is the queen), iridescent shades or soft lo-lights. We asked Taylor to tell us more:

#DRIPHAIRCOLOR: tell me about this technique. How was the idea born?
I’ve been thinking about this technique for a while and i wanted to see what would happen if I poured color onto the head. I was inspired by resin and acrylic paint artists who pour their art in the same manner. Initially I started practicing with a mannequin and then I had a client who was willing to let me play with her hair to bring it to life for real!

What are the steps?
This technique can be used to create a variety of looks. You can use it section by section or just on the top for a fun overlay effect. You start by mixing the desired shades with water to make the color more liquid and able to drip. Then you section the hair as desired and pour on the colors to your liking. It definitely gets messy, but that’s half the fun. I then take a wide tooth comb to run through the sections to spread the color throughout. I definitely wanted to create contrast in the look, but other than that there’s really no method for pouring on the color. The trick is to make sure you use colors that complement each other in each section in order to avoid a muddy-looking result.

Which products do you use?
I use PRAVANA Vivids for all of my rainbow colours.

Do you use less quantity of color compared to traditional techniques?
I would say the amount of color used to create this look is significantly less than a standard vivid color due to the amount of water added.

Which results that can be obtained?
You can create so many different looks using this technique, from iridescent pastel tones to beautiful rainbow watercolor looks!

Which type of customer do you recommend this technique?
Clients who are open to fun, funky and non-traditional in their look. Anybody can do this. It can be used for an all-over hair color like I did, or for whatever look you want to achieve. It’s fully customizable when it comes to colors and sectioning techniques.

How long does it last?
Depending on the colors used and the aftercare, I would say it could be anything from 4 to 10 weeks.

To see Taylor in action creating #DRIPHAIRCOLOR CLICK HERE


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