27 November 2021

For the Love of Curls: CHI launches Aloe Vera with Agave Nectar Haircare Line

Developed for women with natural curls and texture, CHI’s new Aloe Vera with Agave Nectar Haircare Line is a 7-piece collection providing solutions to enhance definition, moisturize hair, and maintain frizz for smoother styling.

Its special blend of Aloe Vera and Agave Nectar paired with a Super Hydration blend and a low pH will moisturize, protect and care for curls while helping to define, create and maintain the natural curl pattern of each strand. The formula locks in moisture to guard against humidity and provide easier maintenance of curly hair. Inviting your natural wave pattern to show off its shape, benefits are maximized to intensify moisture and retention and increase elasticity and definition.

The line’s star ingredient, Aloe Vera, contains a vast amount of essential nutrients and vitamins which offer excellent conditioning properties and protection to delicate tresses while soothing dry skin and scalp. Utilizing the benefits of amino acids to improve elasticity and strength, this natural humectant retains hair moisture, locking it in to reveal smoothness and reduced frizz.

Agave Nectar helps to prevent future damage and brittleness and fortifies weak hair strands resulting in tamed hair with lustrous, shiny results. The line’s formula is completed with the addition of Silk and a Super Hydration Blend, a unique mix of specially selected amino acids and vitamins that provide exceptional moisture and performance benefits.

With CHI Aloe Vera, you can now customize your products to create the perfect cocktail to quench your curls!

1. CHI Aloe Vera Oil
Fueled with Aloe Vera and silk, the oil fortifies weak strands and reduces breakage and dryness. Seals in superior moisture and smoothness to control frizz. Provides high-gloss finish for beautiful, all-day styles.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Fortifies weak strands and reduces breakage and dryness
  3. – Leaves curls defined, moisturized, smooth and frizz-free

2. CHI Aloe Vera Humidity Resistant Leave-In Conditioner
Climate control formula resists humidity and conditions to tame dryness and frizz. Provides increased elasticity for protection against breakage and seals in long-lasting moisture, smoothness and shine. Primes hair for effortless styling and eliminates unruly tendrils.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Primes hair with long-lasting conditioning and moisture for effortless styling
  3. – Leave curls defined, smooth and frizz-free

3. CHI Aloe Vera Curl Enhancing Shampoo
Gentle lathering shampoo delicately cleanses hair of impurities without stripping hair of natural oils. Featuring Aloe Vera, Agave Nectar and a Super Hydration blend, soothes and nourishes to increase elasticity, moisture and enhance curl definition. Hair is left the way you like it, clean, soft and manageable.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Cleanses hair of impurities without stripping hair of natural oils
  3. – Leaves curls defined, clean, soft and manageable

4. CHI Aloe Vera Detangling Conditioner
Define curls with a rich moisturizing formula that locks in moisture for fragile, thirst-craved curls. Infused with silk for added softness, easily detangles and strengthens to reduce damage and leaves hair shiny, touchable and manageable.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Quenches and strengthens fragile, thirst-craved curls
  3. – Leaves curls defined, tangle-free, touchable and manageable

5. CHI Aloe Vera Moisturizing Curl Cream
Lightweight cream moisturizes and enhances natural curl shape for bouncy, defined curls. Polishes and smooths, taming frizz for shiny and touchable, crunch-free curls.

  1. Key Features:
    – Polishes and smooths, taming frizz
    – Leaves curls defined, bouncy, and crunch-free

6. CHI Aloe Vera Control Gel
Control curls and texture with this soft-hold gel that defines and smooths to eliminate frizz. Instantly absorbs and lightly moisturizes, resulting in shiny and touchable, crunch-free curls.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Controls curls and texture with soft-hold and eliminates frizz
  3. – Leaves curls defined, shiny, smoothed, and crunch-free

7. CHI Aloe Vera Curl Reactivating Spray
Revive curls and bounce them back to life with a light mist styling aid that is perfect for refreshing styles and adding shine and moisture. Mist is easily absorbed into the hair leaving no residue.

  1. Key Features:
  2. – Revives curls and refreshes style
  3. – Leaves curls refreshed with shine and moisture

For more information, please visit chi.com


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