5 December 2021

OMC Hairworld is launching its Biggest International Jury Seminar in Milan

In preparation of the 2019 OMC Hairworld / World Cup, OMC is organizing an International Jury Seminar at the Melia Hotel, Via Masaccio 19, Milan (Italy) next March, 10-11.

After analyzing the constant evolution of the different categories of the Hair, Aesthetics and Nails sections, as well as the jurors’ scores in the past championships, the OMC Board of Directors and Competition Committee came to the conclusion that it was essential to organize a special Jury Seminar.

OMC is privileged to invite all member country jurors who are interested in furthering their judging knowledge and skills to OMC’s highest standards. For jurors to have the opportunity to be considered for judging in the OMC World Cup to be held from September 15-16, 2019 in Paris, it is essential to attend this Seminar. Jurors who are not able to attend the Seminar will miss the opportunity to be selected to judge in the 2019 OMC World Cup in Paris.

All OMC member organizations are invited to register a maximum of 4 jurors per section to attend the OMC International Jury Seminar in Milan. However, for the 2019 OMC World Cup in Paris, OMC will accept a maximum of 2 jurors from the Ladies Section, 2 jurors from the Gents Section, 1 juror from the Aesthetics Section and 1 juror from the Nails Section.

Sunday – OMC Juror Awards Dinner – 8 to 11:30 pm
The Jury Seminar is free. OMC will use the Zone educational budget. Jurors attending the Awards Dinner will be asked to pay 150 euros per person.
Jurors present at the Awards Dinner will be presented with the prestigious OMC International Juror Gold Medal and Juror Certificate 2019.

OMC International Jury Seminar Program
OMC World’s best educators in Hair, Aesthetics and Nails will be on stage to present inspirations and ideas of each section.
In order to personalize and give proper consideration to the Hair, Aesthetics and Nails Sections, OMC has created a program that will focus on each of the sections separately.

Judging Segments – Hair, Aesthetics, Nails Sections
After receiving all registrations, OMC will send an additional letter to all jurors concerned to bring Hair mannequin heads, Nails mannequin hands and boxes, Aesthetics photos, for the respective sections.

Instruction essentials at the Seminar
• The principles and criteria of the different categories within the sections
• All jurors will judge mannequin heads and photos of their respective sections
• The inspiration and knowledge of creating a hairstyle
• Selecting the first place compared to the second and third place
• The secrets of being a great and fair juror

Juror Registration / Sections – Sunday, March 10, 2019 in the Melia lobby
• Aesthetics Registration 9 – 9:30 Seminar 10 – 12
• Nails Registration 11:30 – 12 Seminar 12 – 2
• Gents Registration 1:30 – 2 Seminar 2 – 5

Sunday – OMC Juror Awards Dinner – 8 to 11:30 pm
Juror Registration / Sections – Monday, March 11, 2019 in the Melia lobby
• Ladies Registration 9 – 9:30 Seminar 10 – 12
• Lunch
• Ladies Seminar 1 – 4

Congratulations to all OMC member country jurors who will participate in the best OMC International Jury Seminar to date.

For more information, please contact omc@omchairworld.com


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