16 June 2024

A selection of innovative products from 2018 Cosmoprof Asia

The unprecedented success of the 23rd edition of Cosmoprof Asia as a leading gathering for beauty professionals, industry insiders and innovative brands in Asia is also due to the enormous range of innovative products presented by the more and 3000 exhibiting companies.

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre was the venue for yet another successful Cosmoprof Asia held in November that focussed on finished goods in the beauty sector, including perfumery and cosmetics, beauty salon and spa, hair, nail, and accessories. Special attention was given to the Natural & Organic zone,which presented green, eco-friendly, organic products, supplements, and halal cosmetics from all over the world.

All in all, Cosmoprof Asia and Cosmopack Asia counted 87,284 visitors from 135 countries and 3,030 exhibiting companies from 53 countries occupying an exhibition area of up to 113,800 sqm.

Given such abundance, the Estetica team took it upon themselves to browse the more then 300 stands and came up with a short-list of their own favorites finds.

Today there is much more to hairdressing than just a great look. Above all, hair has to be healthy and happy. And this means hi-tech solutions so solving problems like thinning hair, split ends, and frizz.

This is where PHS Hairscience™ comes into play. An award-winning brand offering innovative hair and scalp care solutions backed by science, PHS Hairscience™ uses cutting-edge technology to harness the power of the purest botanical elements to lay a strong foundation for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. Scientific research by bio-scientists, medical specialists, hair transplant surgeons, trichologists and dermatologists is applied to address the root causes of hair loss, greying hair and other scalp and hair issues from all angles and from within, rather than just tackling the symptoms
The company offers different product ranges to target specific problems. For example, the FEM and HOM Fortify ranges of Shampoos and Tonics can be counted on to manage thinning hair loss, while the unique AGE range tackles grey hair and signs of ageing like nothing else on the market.

MacroHI is another company focussing on technology to help develop two brand of natural hair and scalp care products: Aromase for scalp care in a more medical setting and Juliart which targets hair care and styling. In particular, Aromase is mint-scented transparent liquid, because there are no artificial colour or chemicals to complicate issues like dermatitis, psorisasis, thinning hair, or dandruff. So things can only get better.
Don’t worry, be happy! Because Juliart is all natural like Aromase, and its pH lies well within a range that is safe for your hair, meaning that you can create a hairstyling masterpiece for healthy hair and scalp.

In a bid to win over the Asian market with products specifically formulated for Asian hair, Sweet Professional
 presented First Booster, conceived to enhance the effect of First Shampoo, which is already sold over 70 countries with overwhelming success. Glycolic acid, lactic acids, and thioctic acids penetrate into the hair structure and reacts through condensation with amine groups of the peptides present in the hair fiber, leaving hair more manageable after blow-drying.

Shaan Honq claims their Miracle Luminous Elixir can do just that – miraculously help stressed and damaged hair recover its vitality. This water emulsion treatment contains a 30% concentration of moisturizing factors which helps in detangling hair and reducing frizz, keeping hair easy to manage, moisturized and shiny. Just apply to damp hair, massage for two or three minutes and leave in another 3-5 minutes before rinsing out. Then just blow-dry as usual.

Another favourite brand is always Alonzo Australian Care, who presented another solution for sleek and shiny hair with Alonzo Keratin Straight – another breakthrough. The formula includes Keratin Complex to rebuild fibers for straightening and shine, Cashmere Oil revives the fiber from inside out for more manageability, and emulsifiers absorb into the hair cortex to hydrate and nurture hair, preventing it from damage. These two creamy components of this product are also easy to apply in the salon.

And speaking of blow-drys, there are also some great new tool available. We were particularly intrigued by the Pegasus BloStyler Comb by Presto Combs with a unique claw shaped design. Each tooth is perfectly rounded and seamless allowing the comb to gently glide through the hair. Its claw shape assists in lifting the hair as gently as fingers for better grip while styling. Crafted from hard rubber with Flexinite Technology, these amazing combs are heat resistant and chemical resistant. Furthermore, the rounded edges don’t just give the quickest, most effortless blow outs, but also massage the scalp at the same time.

Tai Wah Distributors are continuing on their mission to help hairdressers who work long hours with heavy hair dryers and during this edition introduced the TUFT Galaxy hair dryer – one of the lightest professional hairdryers on the market. But in spite of it being a feather-weight, it is a heavy weight when it comes to power, airflow, and life-span, thanks to a brushless motor. Plus, like other deluxe hairdryers, it offers dual speed and a heat setting with cool shot function, as well as an ionic function for better styling results and shine.

Whatever you may be looking for, Cosmoprof Asia is always bound to have something for everyone. Don’t miss out next year!


Cosmopack Asia – 12 to 14 November 2019

Cosmoprof Asia – 13 to 15 November 2019
For more information about the show, visit www.cosmoprof-asia.com


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