29 November 2023

Geometric Style Furnishing: 5 Awesome Salons to Inspire You

If the graphic and geometric elements seem difficult to insert into your salon design, here are 5 international salons that will prove you wrong.

Relying on the allure of geometrics and graphics may seem overwhelming, as the these styles can be intimidating, transforming themselves into a boomerang of  oppression and difficult to combine with other elements. So EsteticaDesign presents 5 international salons that, on the contrary, have succeeded in finding the right balance.

Milica Knežević pr Frizerski Salon Crno Beli Svet
In this Serbian salon, renewed in 2018, owner Milica Knežević chose a classic design, or black and white contrast that never loses its visual impact. To make it more contemporary and super shiny, thanks to smooth reflecting surfaces and the combination of paintings resting on the floor and parallel stripes on the walls. Technical furnishing and details follow suit while lighting exalts the optical glam aspect of the atmosphere.

Gett’s Men Exclusive
With furnishing signed by Takara Belmont, this barber shop in Bucharest looks like an exclusive downtown location dedicated to grooming. To evoke a sense of vintage, so dear to this type of salon, owner Lucian Miess opted to use optical geometric motifs interpreted here in wood. This lends an even more precious look: tone-on-tone inlays on the walls and the reception desk create a warm and original atmosphere that harks back to yesteryear. When combined with Sixties-style furnishing, the sophisticated details really make the difference.

Le Salon by Maud
On the Atlantic coast of France, in La Rochelle, there is a warm and cosy salon that demonstrates how geometric motifs can be used even in smaller spaces. In this case the geometrics take on a more natural personality: the stylised reproduction of ferns becomes a black and white pattern that give the walls an original look. But the geometric theme involves the furnishing as well, for eye-catching work stations.

Quiris House of Hair & Beauty
Smack in the middle of Gdańsk is the Quiris salon, outstanding for combining high-impact geometric design with natural elements. The oblique lines on the floor establish the rhythm and attract attention without overriding the other elements of design. The lighting system is rigorous and geometric thanks to metal pipes that design suspended graphics while the reception desk and some walls of the salon feature floral patterns that soften the rational overtones. Altogether the results is balanced and unique.

Sumpans Hårgäng
We move to Sweden, in Sundbyberg, where the Sumpans Hårgäng salon stands to pay homage to geometric motif in a broader sense. Here everything is the interpretation of serial repetition: the floor with its large checker board pattern, the printed floral designs on the wall, the large panels of the lighting system, the majestic round mirrors, and the details on the work stations, mirrors, and leather armchairs. A scrupulous love for decora from micro to macro.


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