12 August 2022

Diva by Emsibeth Artistic Team

Created by Emsibeth Artistic Team under the artistic direction of Roberto Bombardieri, the Diva collection is a celebration of unique individuality.

In a digitalized world, where social media is the modern-day theatre and personal appearance is of the essence, we all need to bring out the best in ourselves. The contemporary diva needs to be sophisticated and natural with refined nuances, plus flashes of high glamour.

  • Credits
    Artistic Director: Roberto Bombardieri
    Hair: Emsibeth Artistic Team
    Photos: Tiziano Zatachetto – Zatac
    Styling: Emanuela Mari @Day Dream
    Clothing/Shoes: HC Antonella, Haori Harmat, Alfonso Garlando
    Makeup Artist: Max Moretto
    Makeup: Prestige Cosmetics


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