28 June 2022

Show Color-Treated Locks Some Extra Love with Abba Detox Shampoo & Re-covery Treatment Conditioner

The arrival of the autumn air not only means that the time has come to swap out cold brews for pumpkin spice lattes, it also means summer’s golden blonde highlights will soon be replaced with rich, dark sultry hues.

No matter if the color du jour leans toward Kendall Jenner’s fudgy cocoa tresses or Gal Gadot’s cinnamon espresso locks, it goes without saying that newly-tinted hair needs tending to post-color treatment. A little lock love can go a long way to keep strands healthy and preserve color. Enter ABBA’s ultra-nourishing Recovery Treatment Conditioner (8 oz/MSRP $19.95).

Infused with natural-based peppermint, rapeseed and lavender oil botanicals, Recovery Treatment Conditioner drenches dry, weak, damaged, chemically-treated hair with hydration, giving locks the TLC they deserve without leaving any buildup.

Recovery Treatment Conditioner also boasts ABBA’s exclusive ProQuinoa Complex® that power-packs hydrolyzed quinoa, barley and soy proteins, ingredients that are not only good for your insides but also your outsides. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, the powerful gluten-free proteins deliver unparalleled performance as they work to restore locks to their original pH balance, bolster strength and shine, and rebuild every. last. strand.

Fun fact: The hydrolyzation process rinses the proteins clean, which is the same method brewers use to make gluten-free beer!

Results matter, especially when it comes to a fresh-hued coif. For the most optimal outcome, apply Recovery Treatment Conditioner evenly, starting at the scalp through to the ends. Wait 5-10 minutes for it to penetrate the hair shaft and work its magic before rinsing out. For at-home care, use Recovery Treatment Conditioner once week or, frankly, any time you feel your hair needs some extra attention! 

To get the most bang for their clients’ hair buck, when beauty professionals perform an in-salon color or texture service it’s a smart idea to pair Recovery Treatment Conditioner with ABBA®’s Detox Shampoo (8 oz/$18.95). Think of it like this: They work together like two peas in a pod. Detox Shampoo preps the hair for chemical services by removing buildup, opening the cuticle and resetting the hair so it easily accepts color or texture, while Recovery Treatment Conditioner closes the cuticle down and helps it to recover from the shock of being opened. Ultimately, the duo adds value to the service and ensures longer-lasting color or curls

Arm yourself with a bottle of Detox Shampoo at home too! Not only does Detox Shampoo’s ProQuinoa Complex work to rescue damaged hair fibers, it’s also loaded with baking soda and molasses which help to rid hair of impurities, reduce sebum on oily scalps, and decrease heavy product and environmental gunk buildup. For best results and to restore tresses to their natural softness, volume and shine, clarify with Detox Shampoo on a monthly basis. Simply wet hair, lather, rinse and repeat as necessary!

Where possible, all ABBA® products are formulated to be 100% Vegan, Gluten-Free and made without Parabens, DEA, Phthalates, Synthetic Color Additives, Sulfates and Sodium Chlorides.

All ABBA® products are available in fine salons and professional stores nationwide as well as at pureABBA.com


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