13 April 2024

Estetica Exclusive! John Moroney on the forthcoming 2018 Goldwell Global Zoom in Toronto

VP & Global Creative Director of Kao Salon Division, Goldwell and KMS, John Moroney is a true industry icon. His experience as a platform artist, salon educator, salon owner, and inspirational guru makes him the ideal educator of educators, while uplifting salons and the brand mission.

His job is to create the wonders coming in the next year of the global family that is Kao Salon Division, and Goldwell Global Zoom is the annual event where this company celebrates its launches for the new year. Below, he speaks of upcoming annual event in Toronto, Sep. 29th–Oct. 2nd.

After the amazing success of the @Pure Pigments launch, what news hairdressers can expect for their salons?
What hairdressers are going to see is the next wave that is going to support the @Pure Pigments launch we presented last year in Barcelona. Now we are launching a whole portfolio of system products that support all of our color brands. One of the most exciting things is that we are launching a color thickener to work with Topchic, Nectaya and Colorance – so that as you add the @Pure Pigments in, you can also add the thickener. This is designed specifically for Goldwell color so it allows colorists the freedom and creativity to do freehand – and really place those pigments exactly where they want it into the hair. So they can really add the multidimensionality into hair.” 

So you will see that come to life in Toronto?
Yes! But still there’s so many new things coming. We have a whole new color campaign for 2019 that’s called Color Mania. I can’t tell you much more, but it will be a surprise for Toronto! It is a yearlong theme that speaks to absolute obsession with hair color. So what you will see is a campaign that celebrates the color creativity of hairdressers and also it is for professionals to market to their consumers. What we know is that it is important to hairdressers outside creativity, that to be successful is to retain the customers that we have, we also have to recruit new clients! We have to find things that constantly raise out service and retail ticket and we have to continue to motivate our teams. So Color Mania is all about taking all of our color initiatives and celebrating color in the salons, not just for the stylists, but also bringing the clients into the celebration. We want our clients to live their life in color!

What about on the KMS side?
It’s going to be the global launch of Style Color, which is a completely new innovation. Two years ago, when we launched the new KMS, it was all about start, style and finish. So we have had an arsenal of amazing products for treatment and styling, but we have never had a color element. In order to do the color element right, knowing KMS is all about how style matters, how can we bring color into styling? We know it’s really trendy to have on-off hair color right now, whether its temporary or semi-permanent hair color that is out there. Even with the ones that spray on, have the problem that when it gets wet, it gets all over your clothes, skin and hair. What we’re introducing is an amazing line of color finishers.

It sounds fascinating!
Yes, it has styling and hold capabilities while delivering color, but it has a polymer at play that seals the pigment in, so it’s pillow friendly! You can sleep on a white silk pillowcase and there will be nothing on it in the morning and it’s also waterproof. If you get caught in the rain, it is not water soluble – it is shampoo soluble, so it will not end up on your clothes. It is a spray. There’s 9 shades, that are really modern like Stonewashed Denim and Iced Concrete, a beautiful Blush, but there’s also some moderate tones that are a Frosted Brown, Mocha, Copper, a Dusky Blonde and a Gold!

Why were you inspired to hold the Global Zoom event in Toronto this year?
We are always looking at global hotspots. The trend is all about urban artistry and it’s not about graffiti – it’s more about how contemporary artists are expressing themselves through different types of mediums. We really looked around the street style in Toronto and there is this incredible street art with different mediums. It’s about this beautiful level of artistry that is available to everybody. What we wanted to do was recreate that look and feel in our shoot. So when you look at our set, we brought in this collective in Berlin that made this take art in combination with color as well, and that was the backdrop for our shoot. The same can be reflected to hair, maybe she wants a little bit of denim and then some violet… There is no limits to it!

So you are giving hairdressers tools to elevate their artistry and ultra-personalize services, correct?
Yes. There is no one size fits all anymore. Consumers are demanding and want to create variations at home. So hairdressers can provide the tools for these looks, because a trend will be here and then gone. This is the case of @Pure Pigments, which is a toolbox of creativity for hairdressers to change any service. You saw the incredible results of @Pure Pigments in Barcelona, but let me show you what we will be launching in the near future, as the newest incarnation of @Pure Pigment has a brand new service in it. You saw Color Boosting and Color Morphing with the color washing, but we’re introducing a new concept called Color Cooling, which is specifically designed because we’re opening for @Pure Pigments in the Asian market and the Asian client do not want any warmth or brassiness in the hair. Now to do that, you have to add a lot of green or a lot of blue into your color mixture. So if I want this client with absolutely no golden tone, I have to matte the hair out and that doesn’t look shiny or healthy because you’ve killed the warmth. The gold is what gives hair light. With @Pure Pigments, we are able to utilize the pearl blue and the matte green to get this beautiful coolness that wraps around the oxidative hair colors, so you don’t have to mattify the color to make it look flat. The hair can be a beautiful cool brown and put a blue or green filter around it, so what you see is this cool hair with shine.

What will we see in the always amazing Goldwell Color Zoom Collection?
Oh, it is out of this world! Our winners from last year, which includes Mio Sota from the US, Dylan Tung from Singapore and Maxim Sotnikov from Russia have created the coolest, most forward-thinking collections we have seen in a long time, so we are going to have a lot of fun in Toronto! We also have three amazing artist session guest teams that are all going to be on Monday this year, we have Mazella and Palmer from London that recently have finished shooting an entire collaboration in partnership with Goldwell; and we have Mario Krankl, who is our Goldwell statesman and will be doing two different things. He will have his wonderful avant-garde presentation and he has also spent the last year and a half creating a program of contemporary upstyling for salons, so we’re teaching it in our academy! He has also done these series of videos in the most Mario way. He shot it in stop-motion, so it is really playful. Finally, we’ve got an incredible team from Australia named Shabui Hair that will be representing KMS. It’s this beautiful, subtle hair where they do precutting to work with the natural texture of hair. It’s the opposite of Mario, with the flare and the avant-garde – they do natural texture hair and have been with KMS for 20 years. So we have quite the event!

What about Oribe?
This will be the first Global Zoom with the newest member of our portfolio, Oribe Haircare. We have a special event, gala and cocktail party, that is sponsored by Oribe in Toronto that will take place right before the show. It will be a great time to introduce our Kao Salon Division customers around the world to the Oribe Haircare line.

Anything else you’d like to share with our Estetica audience?
Well, you know in the last couple of years there was a boom in the whole bonding and -plex category… let’s say color additives to protect the hair during the color process. But what if instead of just protecting the bonds, we go to the inside of the hair and start rebuilding the inside of the hair? This is important because color can only reflect based on the surface. Shiny glass has perfect color reflection – if it is cracked, color will refract. So if you think about hair that is not as treated, from the root to the middle, it has shine, but the hair at the bottom is dull. If we could rebuild that shaft, then the color will be more radiant. So Goldwell is also launching now the new Kerasilk Color Brilliance Treatment that utilizes the chemical process of color to drive low and medium density keratin into the hair shaft so it is goes in further rather than if you sprayed it on. So what it does is, you use a pretreatment to saturate the hair and then apply the color on top of it, so it piggybacks into the color. While that is developing, the low to medium density keratin is going in those holes and patching it. You rinse the color out, then you do one more step which is a conditioning brilliance type of treatment that has not only keratin but also tamamu oil in it as well. This is a very intense concentration to it, so it’s like having a color treatment and conditioning service at once. It is a very simple system!

Do not miss the video below!


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