18 July 2024

Ultra by Luigi Martini & Sens.ùs International Creative Team

A tribute to the electronic music scene – anything goes, from Depeche Mode to the Miami festivals. “Young, fun and with a contemporary touch,” is how the new Ultra Collection by Sens.ùs is defined by Art Director, Luigi Martini.

A dive into the ’80s and’ 90s and the desire to appear to create a unique identity through excess and extravagance. Drawing on the assets of a unisex wardrobe, lurex and fake fur are prominent accessories. Shades of orange, red and electric blue alternate with pastel yellow and Tiffany green. The hyper-structured mullet punk-chic effect is combined with graphic lines, graduated texture and power-fringes, while super curls go hi-gloss.

  • Credits
    Artistic Director & Concept: Luigi Martini @ Sens.ùs
    Creative Director: Gian Enrico Barbagli
    Hair Concept: Luigi Martini & International Creative Team
    Hairstylists: Luigi Martini, Chiara Pirrone, Jude Rizzo, Alessandro Marchetti, Mayla Fabbriciani, Enrico Franci, Amedea Terenziani, Giovanni Napolitano, Marta Maurizi, Simone Prati, Michele Minciotti
    Fashion Stylist: Luca Termine
    Makeup: Raffaella Tabanelli
    Photos: Mauro Mancioppi


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