26 September 2023

Estetica’s Astral Projections: Get your September Horoscope Now!

Your horoscope for this month, September 2018, as read by our resident astrological expert, Dr. Maurizio Platone.

ARIES 21 March – 20 April

MONEY AND WORK. It’s up to you, and it won’t be easy, to get everything back on track, to your colleagues’ great relief. Even if you ask why it’s always you, the answer is the following:  “There people were working at a construction site. They all had the same job, but when they were asked what their job was, the first one said, “I break stones”. “I’m earning a living,” answered the second. “I’m participating in the construction of a cathedral,” said the third.…You dream about being able to treat yourself with something light-heartedly: do it now! Don’t hesitate to enjoy these days. “They will warm your heart with trust and courage.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Your partner knows what you’re like and how to make you smile again, above all when you are grumpy and a bit angry about everyday routines and problems. Show more appreciation for serenity given with love and give simpler advice. it is useless to continue looking around. True love is already standing next to you.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. You expect to get everything right away, but this is not the right strategy to take, above all with people who are part of your circle of friends. Limit fats in favour of carbohydrates and rediscover the right balance.

TAURUS 21 April – 20 May

MONEY AND WORK. Avoid making quick decisions and excess in general. You are going through a quiet moment that will allow you to rest on your laurels and dream about the future. Try not to rest too long because now is the time to start planning something truly special for the future. Remember only that no one can whistle a symphony alone, you need an entire orchestra to do that. There is strength in numbers and it allows you to work in more harmony.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Everything is OK, but only provided that some things stay on the surface. For singles, be patient. It’s not the ideal moment to move forward. It is better to keep dreaming and hoping, also because soon the stars will become favourable and add a touch of romance and magnetism to your charm to attract the person closest to your heart.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. You don’t like being impulsive at all costs. These are difficult days because of some satellites. Take advantage of this time to rest and… reflect! Keep in shape and following  a light but nutritious diet.

GEMINI 21 May – 21 June

MONEY AND WORK. Don’t pay attention to too many rumours that only cause you to waste precious time. Hang on a little longer. Soon you will find solutions capable of re-establishing harmony and, finally for you, the wheel of fortune will turn the right way and your budget will be balanced once again. Grant yourself short but frequent moments of relaxation and you will manage to do everything. The excess stress typical of recent months is fading on the horizon and making rook for a phase of balance and vitality, perfect for new projects.
LOVE AND HARMONY. If your partner is hesitant you will offer an ultimatum. More than impulsiveness you prefer reliability, and you will find it if you use sweet and disarming words to conquer the heart of the person next to you. For singles, there is a desire to communicate and an unexpected love at first sight.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Spoilt and capricious, due to overly refined tastes…try not to be too demanding: it’s better to have second-class  diamonds than nothing at all.

CANCER  22 June – 22 July

MONEY AND WORK. Work while following your instinct and you will be appreciated on the job. Everything is going well, but excessive self-confidence may cause you to make a false step. Try to be lucid if you want to maintain control of the situation all the time. Remember that motivation is what pushes you to do something while habit is what makes you continue moving forward to do it.
LOVE AND HARMONY. During this period some dreams that were unattainable may come true. Enjoy splendid love spells. Learn to recognise the difference between a childish love that says: I love you because I need you and a more mature love that says: I need you because I love you.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. If you want to achieve an ambitious objective or make a big change, take advantage of the situation now. In the near future you might feel hesitant, confused, and you may find unexpected obstacles. Get plenty of proteins and keep calm. I will help you in overcoming some minor, temporary upset.

LEO 23 July – 23 August

MONEY AND WORK. Due to some unreliable colleagues, you risk making a bad impression without it being your fault, but misunderstandings will be resolved thanks to the kindness of your superiors and your innate qualities. The reason whey you prefer decisive, self-confident, energetic and, determined people who are perhaps too resolute, is because subconsciously the relieve you from having to stabilize the situation and make decisions. Your projects are well under way both at work and in your family. In spite of some grumbling, your true friends will support you in case of difficulties. Good luck helps those who try!
LOVE AND HARMONY. Your behaviour is sometimes a bit brusque and could irritate your partner. But if you want, you will know how to be forgiven. Remember that minor misunderstandings are par for the course in a couple. If taken with the right dose of tolerance and intelligence, you can make your relationship even more intriguing and stimulating.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Now is the time to choose an activity that will keep your muscles reactive and toned and at the same time is relaxing for your mind and psyche.

VIRGO 24 August – 22 September

MONEY AND WORK. Discussions and disagreements at work urge you to push and shut down and close yourself in your projects, but you could perform better with the support of those around you. An excellent collaborator will not be particularly “collaborative” in a difficult moment. Be tough and headstrong in continuing with your projects. When you set a goal you are tireless and succeed in keeping up with a whirlwind of engagements to get attain it. Just try not to step on anyone’s toes.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Beautiful moments of love warm your heart and will be following by pleasant meetings that leave no traces. This is fine, but if rivals should appear… Decide carefully if it’s really worthwhile. A trip might bring you to a serendipitous love affair or consolidate an existing union.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Astral trigons and movements bring extraordinary energy and vitality, but the opposition of some planets clouds your vision. Be less impulsive. It will not be easy to see things clearly in some work or study situations. Try to buy yourself some time.

LIBRA 23 September – 22 October

MONEY AND WORK. You deserve it. Even Origen and Proclus would agree. You are made of the divine. Mortals should know this. Don’t fear the effect that Jungian psychoanalysts call inflation. Yours does not grow to the point of exploding: it is beyond itself, infinitely vast and identifies with the universe. If you are determined, continue working hard and you set a goal: you can attain anything you want! Don’t take the myriad recriminations of a colleague too seriously. He’s only exaggerating.
LOVE AND HARMONY. In love you succeed in establishing a friendship and complicity that enlivens and consolidates your union. The person you love will help you in everything you do if your follow advice and the heart will soar so high that no one will be able to stop it.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Bad news can also be ignored. Counteract nerves with a light diet, favouring fresh fruit and raw vegetables, low-impact exercise and relaxing music. Dedicate time to a sport and place your trust in the advice of an older person who is close to you.

SCORPIO 23 October – 22 November

MONEY AND WORK. Haste is not advisable. Tenacity instead will get you the success you want sooner or later. Remember that you are not as mad as the stupid people who think the world revolves around them. You need very little and keep to the facts without obsessing about things. Take action. A sprint will also be sustained by intuition and your distinct brand of intelligence. The economic and work situation will improve considerably. Too bad about some tension with a few colleagues and/or superiors.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You realize that courage born of love has no limits. It takes no danger into account and refuses to listen to reason. It intends to move mountains and often succeeds. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to love.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Brains are better than brawn. So take a break. Vital energy is building up again, but mental lucidity is depleted: put off making an important decision and stay away from carbohydrates and other detrimental elements. You will soon regain your top form.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December

MONEY AND WORK. Communications, marketing and new work contacts take on particular importance during this period brimming with opportunities. Be self-confident! You have success at your fingertips, but to achieve it you will have to change your usual approach. Too often in the past you have lingered, unsure and indecisive before acting. A decisive person, even it overly imposing, never wastes time and will never say he got there too late. Don’t allow anyone to hurry you. Reflect sufficiently if you want to reach the goal you desire.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Your partner only sees your limits and not your willingness. Moreover, you are discharging too much tension and those who love you are not willing to put up with you. In discussions, try to seek the understanding of your counterpart rather than his or her approval.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. A series of obstacles makes you especially impatient and moody, but the constellations will intervene to give you determination and decisiveness. You will be boosted by your convictions and from now on nothing will be impossible. Avoid animal protein and don’t let stress surprise you.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January

MONEY AND WORK. Your colleagues’ trust in you is well-deserved, but many engagements put your resistance to the test and distractions may cause you to miss a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Interesting news is forthcoming, but avoid important investments and never stop believing in yourself. Have you ever noticed that even people who believe in destiny and claim that nothing can be done to change it always look both ways before crossing the street? No matter what happens, you always land on your feet.
LOVE AND HARMONY. While focussing on ambitious objectives, you will not leave much time for sentiment. Be careful not to regret it. Perhaps you should remember that when you have unexpected problems, an excellent relationship with your partner will help you to overcome them. So don’t be self-centred!
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Victory is sweetest when you play by the rules of the game. Joy of living, decisiveness, exuberance, creativity, and easy communications: these are the key words today. If you follow the right diet, you can overcome stomach, blood sugar, and weight problems. Leave more time for leisure!

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February

MONEY AND WORK. Ask the planets for what you deserve. They are all in perfect synch. A burst of creative energy that makes you quick in taking decisions, pragmatic, and capable of immediately reaching the cores of problems. Be determined and resolute. A strong and successful person will not be carried away by a stroke of good luck or collapse under adversities. You have assessed the pros and cons to put off an crucial decision. But now you must actually decide, Try to make a lucid evaluation and then follow your instinct.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You let yourself be guided by your instinct and by your partner, who orients you and offers you the support you lack in your family. Only a few minor misunderstandings cloud an enviable harmony. For singles, this is a time for meetings, invitations, and flirtations. During these rendezvous, you may think you used the wrong approach. Instead….
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Lively astral movements whisper in your ear that sometimes its dissatisfaction is what urges a propitious change: trying can’t hurt. Those who cultivate serenity will reap happiness and content. To be at your best, you must repeat a therapy, follow a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March

MONEY AND WORK. You might ask for some suggestions, instead of insisting on doing everything yourself, thinking you are the only one who knows how to unravel situations even though it is not true. A few dark days but nothing to worry about. Try to remain concentrated and avoid futile distractions. Everything will be resolved soon. Income and expenses are enviably balanced in spite of an unexpected expense. Too many discussions at work and in the family interfere with your performance on the job.
LOVE AND HARMONY. The stars brighten up your sentimental world by granting you irresistible charm and self-assurance as well as truly unforgettable moments: the happiness of love and a serene soul. Do not boycott a project undertaken with your partner. Surprises for a potential love born on the job and some great friendships.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. You will soon be able to make a sight of relief and discover yourself to be healthier, more lucid, and eager than ever. Drink plenty of water and eat lost of fruit and vegetables.


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