19 July 2024

Boho Chic Bridalhair! 30 Wedding Hairstyles to Inspire You

From hairstyle to hair accessories, from wedding dresses to jewellery, Ulyana Aster has created her own 360° bridal fashion empire. Here’s what she told us about her specialisation in all things relating to “the big day”.

Sophisticated hairstyles co-ordinated with the perfect accessories make for a harmoniously Boho Chic total hair look to set off that dreamy wedding dress: “I have known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a hairdresser or to work with hair: it was an early passion of mine, manifesting itself in my spending time braiding my dolls hair or even my school friends’,”  explains Ulyana Aster.

“I followed my dream and completed my hairdressing diploma in 2010. My main interest were always up styles because they are endlessly creative and easy. Then I started working as a freelancer, sometimes styling entire bridal parties. I had a very busy work schedule, which also meant that I had to work on most weekends. . But after having my first baby I found myself unable to keep up with the schedule that my work required and I decided to stay at home and be a full-time mum. During that period, while the baby was sleeping, I would keep myself busy by working and creating updos on a blonde-haired mannequin head. A friend of mine noticed my work and suggested I should share it on this platform called “Instagram”. I followed my friend’s advice and started to upload wedding hair to my personal page. Having only had 60 of my friends on my Instagram initially I found that I had started gathering a substantial number of followers in a very short time. 60 followers soon became 600 and as that number grew so did my motivation and ambition to continue and venture into creating my own designs and ideas and also my own brand. As the brand became reality and started expanding so did the idea of creating my own hair accessory designs, organic hair care range and bespoke bridal gowns.” 

How important the harmony between hairstyle and dress?

“When choosing the dress and the hairstyle it is important to choose pieces that will represent the brides personality and character as well as to be in harmony with the venue and atmosphere of the wedding. When choosing a dress we have the choice of plain or elegant, simple or extravagant. We should do the same when choosing the hair style and hair accessory, and aim to match them to the dress.”

Tell us something about bridal hairstyles trends for 2018…

“Bridal trends in 2018 are all about embracing the simplicity of natural beauty and bold statements. It’s all about loose curls and boho style looks, that are easy to achieve and comfortable to wear.”

And what about hair accessories?

“Bridal hair accessories have become increasingly popular over time and the vast choice has never been better. There is something for everyone on the market, from simple pins to extravagant tiaras. It is up to the individual which style to go for. Sleek and timeless pieces, with pearls and rhinestones are always in high demand.”

How difficult is it to choose the right hair accessories?

“It is not hard to choose the right accessory. Most brides know what they want first time they see it. It is important to stick to the wedding theme and not overdo it. And one of the most important points when choosing an accessory is to be comfortable when wearing it. Avoid bulky and heavy hair pieces.”

You also provide global online education…

“My online education program has been very successful and very popular with hair stylists and hair enthusiasts all over the world. It offers step by step tutorials to over 60 different bridal up styles, with new ones added monthly. Students are able to learn and practice my styles in their own home and at their own pace. Those who complete and submit 24 hair styles I offer an Ulyana Aster accredited certificate. It is a great way to start new skills or to enhance skills you already have.

Be inspired by Ulyana Aster’s 30 favourite Boho Chic wedding hairstyles in the gallery below >>>


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