21 July 2024

Cyborg by Klaus Peter Ochs

Absolute Beauty as Master plan. Beauty Cyber Sapiens are machine people in the fashion universe of the future. “Cyborg” by kpO stages a strongly symbolic journey through time and presents trendsetting styles with eccentric, minimalist aesthetic.

The “Cyborg” Looks have razor-sharp contours, are clear, technically highly precise and often feature hybrid structures. Shades are cool and shiny metallic: ice-blond, steel-grey, graphite-black. In the digital age of individualism and self-optimization, we change our mind every day on who we want to be. Self-determined, strong and fearless, Cyber-Beauties defy the unstable world and navigate safely through reality and fiction.

  • Credits
  • Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
    Artistic Team: Davide Carsidona, Lisa Raab and Vanessa Schwebel
    Styling: Mickaël Komer & Elmarie Lignier, Paris
    Makeup: Florent Pellet, Paris
    Photo: Laurence Laborie, Paris


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