26 September 2023

Estetica’s Astral Projections: Get your August Horoscope Now!

Your horoscope for this month, August 2018, as read by our resident astrological expert, Dr. Maurizio Platone.

ARIES 21 March – 20 April

MONEY AND WORK. Dissatistfaction exceeds all thresholds. A particular arrangement of heavenly bodies is your accomplice. You will be punchy, exuberant, vital, and decisive, but also a bit too aggressive. Too much chatter by someone who doesn’t actually say anything, but upset delicate balances at work. Make an appeal to your patience and try to relaunch communications to avoid invalidating a project that is important to you. Finances may make a comeback.
LOVE AND HARMONY. People you like roll out red carpets in front of you, but can you trust them? Although the invitation to be cautious is obligatory, the period is particularly lively and intense, but also contradictory. Anyway, boredom is not your style. Try to be sensual, wear something new and choose an irresistible perfume.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Don’t forget to relax by practicing meditation and suitable relaxation techniques. Do plenty of sport and limit animal proteins, opting for fruit and veggies.

TAURUS 21 April – 20 May

MONEY AND WORK. Your workplace is somewhat hostile in this period, with your superiors hardly ever available or few contacts with the companies you collaborate with. Don’t be overwhelmed and hold on. Some rewards and help from a colleague or friend will bring you pleasant relief. Keep working and get organised. If you do, the results and satisfaction will arrive.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Love can be perfect… in your radiant sky. Enjoy this streak of positivity. It will be your main source of energy and gratification. An oasis of equilibrium and relaxation with flashes of true, fiery ardour. Go along with the phase with all the seductiveness you can muster up.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. This is a good period to browse around and get excited about new interests. Some unenthusiastic advice leaves you totally indifferent. You thought that person was much more loyal and sincere. Help yourself keep in shape with a few excursions in the mountains. Green light for vegetable soups and cooked fruit.

GEMINI 21 May – 21 June

MONEY AND WORK. Deal with your responsibilities strictly, keeping your promises and being true to your principles. Many small signs indicate that things will work out, even if very slowly. If you have new ideas, make them work! Try asking and you will get answers. Be decisive but put your emotions aside. The others are as sensitive as you and this may hurt you in your job. Rewarding proceeds will push you to go beyond. You will obtain some useful information about something that is important for you.
LOVE AND HARMONY. It’s time for intimate and long-lasting relationships. Unexpected and unpredictably engaging meetings. A surge of overwhelming passion will be sparked in your sky. Be enterprising and seductive as only you know how when the right opportunity arrives.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. The stars hint about a overload of responsibilities at home and work. If you believe in the stars, advance deciseively and live for what you want to obtain. You are very near, even if it is a constant struggle. Consume foods rich in iron to counteract the stress and pay particular attention to your health.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

MONEY AND WORK. Some bureaucratic obstacles to your objectives. Try to “pilot” the situation in your favour, through subtle advice and discrete suggestions. Courtesy and affability, in some circumstances, facilitates the task. Avoid enterprise. Waiting for the right opportunity is sometimes necessary. Determining your own destiny “from within” is probably impossible. Instead, what a man has in his hand is his own interior orientation toward destiny.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Different characters complement each other magnificently. So even if in this period you will draw attention and win hearts, remember how to recognise the true meaning of sincere and deep love without getting lost in frivolous flirtations.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. An excessive reticence pushes away the people you care about. Don’t get angry. Sometimes in life things happen that immediately hurt you, but with good will, you can see the bright side, even in these situations. Then everything helps you to grow. Yoga in these junctures can be very useful, as can be some meditation to stimulare your self-confidence.

LEO 23 July – 23 August

MONEY AND WORK. Avoid stubbornly nit-picking and losing yourself on details that are mostly insignificant.  Reflect on the jobs to be done or what you must conclude and act with more logic. You must learn to see the big picture and act by heading directly to heart of the matter without showing your hand: the less you talk, the more you will obtain. A tempting astral opposition forecasts some pleasant surprises.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Be careful not to let yourself go beyond the feeling. If it is too intense it can distort reality and create some problems. There is the possibility to initiate a relationship of confidences and friendship that will satisfy your desire for fun and sharing joys and pains with someone who understands you.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Of your many acquaintances in your private “sphere”, you are noticing that they become friends only if there is true affection. Most of them, in a time of need, turn their backs with no remorse. It is true that a sincere friendship is worth its weight in gold!  Red fruits and nuts will be useful and a pinch of mint will help to refresh the spirit and the mind.

VIRGO 24 August – 22 September

MONEY AND WORK. In spite of your keen eye, turbulence is in sight. Friends will push you to spend money while in your family they are urging you to save. Reflect carefully to whom you should give more importance, otherwise you risk disappointing someone who cares about you. Continue to be concrete and coherent as always. Believe in something not very real is not like you. On the other hand, luck is “impalpable”, like water in the net: pull in the net and you feel it’s full, but when you bring it onto land… there is nothing. Avoid making risky moves in the stock market or in finance. The password for now is: “No false steps”.
LOVE AND HARMONY. The senses are reawakened, but only with the right person. A profound and unusual relationship will succeed in truly involving you. Toss uncertainties to the wind and take advantage of the opportunity that arrives. When the fire is burning… it is best to keep fuelling it! Balance and harmony in your sign facilitate loving relationships.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Recurring pains and sudden illness will disturb your life. Look for relief in natural and traditional therapies, but don’t neglect a doctor’s visit or a check-up. A cycle of massages and some suitable exercises will make you feel better. Force yourself not to give in under the weight of the usual routine. Learn how to say… No!

LIBRA 23 September – 22 October

MONEY AND WORK. As hyperactive, argumentative, and stressed as you are, not is not the moment to make important decisions. Pay plenty of attention to some economic requests. Don’t trust people and don’t lend your hard-earned savings irresponsibly. Concentrate on objectives with greater commitment if you want to reach your longed-for goals. You must not take risks, so reflect thousands of time before making drastic decisions or getting involved in futile discussions.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Controversial passions on the horizon. Don’t always take everything for granted to avoid fuelling misunderstandings. You can expect many meetings, many glances, and a few flirtatious encounters, but discovering romantic love for a passionate character will be something totally unprecedented and “magical”.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Work limits you. Routine suffocates you and the same old places exasperate you. As if this weren’t enough, some gossip in your circle of friends risks doing some damage. The cause of all this commotion should be sought in a particularly strong planetary star that risks involving everyone around you.

SCORPIO 23 October – 22 November

MONEY AND WORK. The astral situation transforms this period into a source of promising opportunities where you can channel your creativity. Trust your business acumen but force yourself to limit your tendency for impulsive shopping, even if your bank balance is sufficient to cover your expectations. Although you have reached your financial objective or the career you desired, you are realizing that there is something more interesting to conquer.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You are romantic and craving affection, but at the same time you also desire freedom of choice and life. Maybe a nice trip for two will clear up your ideas and will grant you great serenity and moments of true passion.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Restless and contradictory, you get distracted in too many directions. Nothing satisfies you and your imagination is flitting from one supposition to another, creating discontent in the family. But it is not an agitated period, just the opposite. Some homeopathic remedies like Bach Flower Remedies might help.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December

MONEY AND WORK. A new idea catalyzes most of your energies. Materialise them soon and even your earnings will rise noticeably. Some potential surprise is always around the corner and must be faced with lucidity and calmly. The direction to be taken for making changes profitable is becoming clearer little by little. You are driven by a good spirit of initiative and extraordinary determination. You will obtain much if you manage things gently and patiently.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Separate the sentimental sphere from the family one and ask yourself if, by chance, you are not the cause of a certain coolness. Love and sentiments burn like wood in the fireplace but, if it is not stoked constantly, it will slowly dwindle and leave only the coals of times past.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Passion, decision, and optimism are the prerogatives of this period. The urge to fly high is strong, but you would do well to keep your feet on the ground and clarify what your priorities are. Good psycho-physical shape will help you to face an important health problem in your family.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January

MONEY AND WORK. Ignoring obstacles is dangerous, but you certainly have what it takes to overcome them. So don’t forget that, as always, when you are working your hardest, success and failure go hand in hand. Maintain your level of commitment to seek new opportunities to develop in the future. Plenty of energy and work will not hesitate in giving you satisfaction and good earnings.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Don’t get caught up in your daily thoughts, otherwise you risk missing out on the attention being paid to you by a friend, who is becoming… someone much more important!
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. To keep your enthusiasm and willingness to dare at high levels, limit your protein intake in favour of fruit and vegetable and maintain a steady exercise routine.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February

MONEY AND WORK. A period thick with moves, stimuli, and contacts. The brilliant ideas that you have should be cultivated and made doable. If someone proposes an investment, evaluate it carefully. Don’t trust only appearances. Changes that were originally feared will work out fine without any particular problems. No man is an island; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of a whole. Remember this and you will succeed in taming even your most hostile colleagues and superiors with good manners and common sense.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Try to stimulate a relationship that otherwise will risk a crisis. Monotony can send even a great emotional experience adrift. Make room for feelings and affections to reawaken sentiments and a will to live.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. A painful memory continues to haunt you. Relax with a commitment to find serenity. Stress prevents you from enjoying positive moments. You must absolutely take a break, otherwise you will risk a psycho-physical breakdown.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March

MONEY AND WORK. It becomes very difficult to collaborate with colleagues that haven’t understood what your objectives are and only intend to pass the time without creating a positive and serene environment. Explain your thinking and you will obtain the respect you deserve. Your skills and independent spirit can give rise to some resentment. A phase of great productivity and performance that will make it possible for you to overcome unexpected obstacles.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Boredome might cause you to make risky choices. Don’t change only for the pleasure of making a conquest. Be careful not to mistake fireflies for lanterns. Passion is strong. It is up to you not to waste it with ambitions that are temporary and perhaps out of place.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Strange ideas and lucubrations create discontent. Try to find the serenity you have lost: have fun, exercise, give yourself a vacation and let yourself be tempted by some outings with friends. Fish, legumes, and soy in your diet, as well as herbal teas with passion flower and lime blossoms.


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