2 October 2023

Two Major Pro-Industry Forces, Ken Russo and Gamma Più, form GAMMAPIU N.A.

The buzz is unprecedented as the most highly anticipated new hair appliance brand in the pro industry launches at Cosmoprof North America next weekend (Booth 31047). Distributors are literally lining up, and salon, editorial and celebrity stylists have all shared the excitement.

Two major forces, professional salon industry icon Ken Russo and Valter Sartori of Gamma Più, Italy, have announced the formation of GammaPiu N.A. and the launch of an innovative new luxury professional hair appliance brand: Gamma+ Italia.

The resources and experience of both players are significant. Russo has been instrumental in creating, building and marketing high-profile professional brands in the US and internationally for over 40 years. Gamma Più, based in Milan, has been on the cutting edge of the technology and design of fine, luxury hairdryers and styling tools for over 3 decades. The crème de la creme of the professional appliance world, all Gamma+ Italia products are handmade in Italy in an eco-clean and conscious environment.

Gamma+ Italia will be headed by co-founders Ken Russo, CEO and Austin Russo, Vice President, under the newly formed GammaPiu N.A. They will spearhead the introduction of advanced and patented technologies designed to transform the professional hair appliance category.

Our goal is to build GammaPiu N.A. into the number one salon tool company in North America,” said Ken. “Our industry thrives on innovation, and we plan to introduce progressive new technologies, uncompromising quality, and the best in Italian design to professional stylists. We look forward to supporting salons with exciting new styling and retailing options to captivate clients and help drive business success.

Casting a bold eye to the future, the brand will continue to build on its respected legacy to pioneer evolved tools that care for the hair as well as the environment. Gamma+ Italia hairdryers and styling tools are all hand-crafted in the Lombardy region of Italy. The company is renowned for its high-performance, eco-friendly products and clean, low-energy consumption. All appliances are built in a solar-paneled facility to reduce carbon emissions by over 1000 kilos a day (saving a forest every year). The brand remains fully dedicated to create the finest tools in the world, reflecting the best of Italian style and the cleanest production standards, to help improve the salon experience and quality of life.”

New Gamma+ Italia Products include:

The Active Oxygen Hairdryer: A first. Extends and brightens hair color while styling
The breakthrough, patented Gamma + Italia Active Oxygen Hairdryer ($279.95 retail,) is a first of its kind. It is the only hairdryer in the world that uses Activated Oxygen (O3) Technology, in combination with Nano Silver Technology, to help hair color last longer, prevent premature oxidation and fading, and enhance hair’s condition, brightness and shine. 
Activated Oxygen conditions and improves the health of the hair while dramatically decreasing drying time.  It also reduces frizz and detangles to leave hair smoother and silkier. Antimicrobial Nano Silver technology helps remove odors and disinfect the hair.
The Active Oxygen dryer has a 9-foot professional-length, tangle-free cord, 3 heat and 2 speed settings (including a cold shot button to set styles,) and a 2-year limited warranty. Available in white.

The Aria Hairdryer: Fastest and lightest in class. High-velocity. Ergonomic.
The patented Gamma+ Italia Aria Hairdryer ($199.95 retail), introduces a new hybrid motor which is ultra-lightweight and combines high-performance and velocity to dramatically reduce drying time without compromising on power. It features Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology (E.T.C) with powerful air pressure and quiet airflow that penetrates hair deeply.  At well under a pound, weighing just 13.4 oz. it is the lightest professional dryer in its class.
Quieter than other dryers, the Gamma+ Italia Aria significantly reduces noise and acoustic stress in the salon, backstage or on editorial and television shoots.  Its scientifically-balanced, ergonomic design makes styling virtually effortless while reducing strain on the hand and wrist.
Tourmaline ionization technology produces maximum negative ions, leaving hair with a brilliant, healthy shine and smoother, more vital condition. The Aria Hairdryer includes a 9 foot professional-length cord, 3 heat and 2 speed settings, a cold shot button to set styles and a 2 year limited warranty. Available in black and aquamarine.

Gamma+ Italia products coming Fall, 2018

The Ion Ceramic S Hairdryer
Highlighting elegant Italian design, this powerful 2100 watt muscle dryer has a special turbine motor for super-hot high-speed drying. Professional Ion Ceramic Technology releases over 1,800,000 negative ions per cubic meter to strengthen and condition hair while protecting it from heat. It quickly closes and smooths cuticles, holding more moisture inside hair’s cortex for greater hydration and flexibility.  The result is healthier-looking styles with a shiny, frizz-free finish.
The ergonomic Gamma+ Italia Ion Ceramic S ($199.95 retail) features 3 heat and 2 speed settings with a cold shot button to set styles, a professional-length 9-foot, tangle-free cord and a 2-year limited warranty. Available in black and white.

The new Gamma+ Italia Absolute Zero Foil Shaver
The ultimate in Italian style, quality and performance. This special edition professional Finishing Foil Shaver offers ultra-thin and hypo-allergenic gold titanium foils and staggered, independently floating cutters. Its advanced design gives a closer, smoother and more even shave that will not irritate the skin. Gamma+ Italia Absolute Zero Foil Shaver can be used corded or cordless. It features a unique USB-charge cord and a lithium-ion battery that charges to full strength in as little as 30 minutes for a remarkable 120 minutes of continuous run-time. 

The patented Gamma+ Italia 3500 Power Hairdryer
This sleek Italian design offers pure blow drying power with maximum air flow to reduce drying time. It’s beautifully lightweight and ergonomic to reduce stress on the hand and wrist. A tourmaline-infused grill accelerates maximum negative ions, leaving hair with a brilliant, healthy shine and stronger condition.
The 3500 Power Hairdryer ($179.95 retail) features 3 heat and 2 speed settings, a professional-length 9-foot, tangle-free cord and a 2-year limited warranty. Available in red and black.

New Gamma+ Italia products are available through local distributors nationally and www.gammaplusna.com


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