28 September 2021

Estetica’s Astral Projections: Get your July Horoscope Now!

Your horoscope for this month, July 2018, as read by our resident astrological expert, Dr. Maurizio Platone.

ARIES 21 March – 20 April

MONEY AND WORK. In a new setting you are immediately concerned with establishing good relationships with everyone and managing to obtain everything, or almost everything, you desire. On the job, someone will help you resolve a problem that is nagging you, but he will do it his way and not your way. Only impatience can may make you trip up. It would be better to stick to your plans, as surprises will throw you off balance. Under the shiny surface lies much depth.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Remember that shows of strength don’t work, but manifestations of love do. Even numbers have a soul mate and between them, like among human beings, not all of them find one. Indeed, most numbers can’t even hope to find their soul mate: that is a privilege of prime numbers.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Fatigue makes you nervous. Getting some rest should suffice. Finally a long planetary opposition is coming to an end and you will feel much more light-hearted and optimistic. Conflicts, low blows, and bad moods are out of the question.

TAURUS 21 April – 20 May

MONEY AND WORK. A sudden and unexpected slowdown. The movements of the celestial bodies are not particularly favourable at this time. Everything was in place for great undertaking, but now you will have to wait. You are surrounded by too many gossips who insistently seek non-existent motivations for what you are doing. Careful! Don’t start out with excessive energy or with too much ingenuity in the wrong direction. Potential delays and some setbacks in entrances.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Sentimental relations with no particular surprises, even if the current situation promises magic moments. Couples relations are rewarding but you must seek to avoid useless complications. Be careful not to get mired in boredom. Rediscover the joy of a worldly event and some pleasant outings.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Friendships in new projects in the foreground, but understandings with others are not always easy. Potential misunderstandings if you exaggerate in offering your intimacy. Green light (but with moderation) for red wine and sweets. Misdirected energies become aggression with negative repercussions on both family life and the workplace.

GEMINI 21 May – 21 June

MONEY AND WORK. Some situations will mark unexpected turns to be dealt with serenely. Don’t hesitate as usual, also because you already have all the elements you need to make the right decision. Grit your teeth; bad luck will finally stop creating obstacles and bad moods in the workplace and troubling your finances. However, stand strong and decisive in refusing absurd and unnecessary requests in this period. Do not try your luck and avoid lotteries, as it would just be money wasted.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Your heart is beating strong but the marked opposition of a plant upsets your plans. You crave more intriguing and passionate situations, but in reality everything seems to proceed with the usual monotony. Try to appreciate what you have. All in all, it is not to be taken for granted. Harmony and warmth in your family are not lacking.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Clarify your priorities and leave yourself some room for relaxation. Sport and competition will be your cure-all. If you fail to resolve the disturbances that torment you, try changing your doctor.

CANCER 22 June – 22 July

MONEY AND WORK. In the workplace, each person sees things differently and it becomes increasingly difficult to find solutions or understand what action to take. Nervousness is on the rise and time is wasted getting little or nothing done. To increase efficiency and overcome obstacles, it is necessary to learn how to avoid controversy and, the expansive energy of your sign will give you the serenity necessary to deal with all the things you have to get done. In this way you can also resolve situations that seemed to be insurmountable.
LOVE AND HARMONY. It looks like it’s time to renegotiate everything (or almost everything). If ever dissatisfaction become chronic, it’s better to break away. You only live once and there are plenty of opportunities. Let yourself be tempted by an intriguing adventure and a brief love affair might even turn into a great love story.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Home and family will tend to consume much of your vital energies. Do not neglect social events and practice a sport. Before any other special engagements or occasions, learn to breathe deeply, perhaps through the yoga. A health issue in the family circle should be given sufficient attention.

LEO 23 July – 23 August

MONEY AND WORK. Bubbly, optimistic and enterprising is how the stars want you and it would seem that for this entire period (or almost), it will be allowed. Trust in your capacities, even if you have or your get a proposal for an apparently inconceivable project. Only those who dare will get what they want, but be very careful. Your worst enemy is hurriedness. Make yourself take the time your need for events to development.
LOVE AND HARMONY. A controversial phase that leads to a shuffling of the deck and will oblige you to make a difficult choice. Passion is through the roof, as is also touchiness. Act cautiously, otherwise sparks will fly. Take some time before tossing everything to the wind!
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Recharging your energy during this period can be of fundamental importance and help you to rediscover self-confidence in both your work and studies. Help yourself with a healthy breakfast, but enjoy a great dinner with a glass of good red wine to boost your circulation and your morale!

VIRGO 24 August – 22 September

MONEY AND WORK. Hurry and seize a lucky opportunity that is soon to come in your career: guts, lucidity, and even a pinch of good luck will not be lacking. Many opportunities may turn into success if you commit to them seriously and conscientiously. Always weigh your motives with the logic of the facts and try to moderate a certain intolerance towards some colleagues who, instead, might help and support you.
LOVE AND HARMONY. The colour of the moment is fiery red! Something great and rewarding bursts onto the scene and blooms in your life. Be ready to seize the opportunity. Don’t turn your back on love, as you might miss a sentimental journey and most opportunities only come around once in a lifetime.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. You rare in great shape although there are many minor problems. Rest as much as possible and dedicated time to yoga and meditation. Some minor problem inherent to the family or that are important to you must not be neglected. Try to be close to them and help them. Take in plenty of iron-rich foods and minerals instead of carbohydrates.

LIBRA 23 September – 22 October

MONEY AND WORK. In order to overcome daily obstacles that arise at work, you must be conscientiously prepared to deal with any eventuality. Overly arrogant colleagues will try to impose their point of view insistently, but don’t pay them much attention. Don’t let the questions and doubts of those around you slow down your rhythm and make you nervous. Communicative dynamism and “verve” facilitate relations with clients and colleagues. Moreover, the psycho-physical security of this period will instil you with grit and a vigour.
LOVE AND HARMONY. A period of great rewards, enthusiasm, and generosity. Communications and complicity with old or new partners is excellent. Don’t rest on your laurels, but keep the flame of passion alive with little surprises and attentiveness, which are always appreciated. You will always be able to count on the support of those who love you.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. An excellent period for sport and ambitious projects, thanks to the explosive energies that satellites are providing. Limit animal proteins in favour of vegetable proteins.

SCORPIO 23 October – 22 November

MONEY AND WORK. You are performing well and you like working calmly in a serene environment. On the contrary, you are instead being pushed by colleagues and collaborators who are eager to “shine” and are sowing discord around you. Remember that the wise farmer pulls the weed that are useless. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Favourable stars will make it possible for you to an efficient plan, if you will be able to not let yourself be distracted by upsets, you will be able to produce and perform well.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You thought it was impossible, but in reality…. It isn’t! What a wonderful sensation to fall in love again thanks to a passionate Venus in the right position. An active partner may infect you with his optimism and instil a loving, lively, and passionate relationship like you have long forgotten.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. These are cloudy days. Fatigue sets in and continuous, daily problems in your family are wearing your down. Resist and keep trying. In a short time, thanks to an astral conjunction, you will be in great psycho-physical form: vital, balanced, dynamic, and eager to regain your independence and freedom.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December

MONEY AND WORK. An unplanned for engagement will not graze your enviable economic solidity. You are going through an excellent phase for profitable investments. Strive to clarify objectives and priorities, to avoid having to admit that those who want to much, get to little. Above all, pay attention to the people who act too carelessly. The ambushes on your way may be more than what you expected.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You are definitely wrong to be pessimistic. The star are making you more passionate and seductive than usual. There is the possibility to see a great love bloom again, or explode. The decision of the right perfume for the occasion will make you irresistible. An unexpected meeting may make you doubt in what were consolidated certainties.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Don’t neglect yourself excessively and be more routine in your meals. If you solve a health problem you can regain your gusto for life, in all its many facets. Allow yourself a few moments of intense relaxation, like a nice hot bath with aromatic oils or a restorative sauna in a spa or hot springs.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January

MONEY AND WORK. Grit your teeth; bad luck will finally stop creating obstacles and bad moods in the workplace and troubling your finances. However, stand strong and decisive in refusing absurd and unnecessary requests in this period. Do not try your luck and avoid lotteries, as it would just be money wasted. Trust only yourself and a new and brilliant idea that can guarantee unconditional success on all fronts.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Time for romantic and a bit suffered relations, like the ones you prefer. You are feeling fond of a person to inspires tenderness in you. Flowers and perfume are always the winning cards, especially during difficult times. This is the time to flaunt all the grit and charm you have inside. If you succeed, you may conquer the person you desire.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. An important objective will absorb much of your energies. Take care not to stress yourself too much, otherwise you will pay the price. Eat plenty of proteins and practice some sports. Be careful driving, don’t try to make up for lost time at the expense of safety. It’s not worth it, above all with the current astral conjuntion.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February

MONEY AND WORK. A pleasant surprise is in store. Your comeback is about to begin. Income and expenses are essentially balanced, so you can allow yourself even some small luxury. You are in a period when those who dare will win. If you try out your luck and believe in yourself, you may also earn great rewards, but without exaggerating too much. Remember the people who want too much… end up with nothing! Pay attention to risky investments and dampen some thoughtless enthusiasm.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Change is in the air, but the stars, for love, are saying not to hurry. Take your time and try to let yourself go without asking too many questions. Interesting meetings may also take an interesting turn. A propitious period for consolidating and recovering a relationship or for starting a new love.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. You were in a period of sacrifice. Now the time has come to react with unprecedented grit against any obstacle that puts itself between you and your objective. Ginseng will promote a restoration of energies and a charge of positivity will help you overcome some health problems that may arise.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March

MONEY AND WORK. Some requests are not very clear! Try to adapt to them even if you don’t agree with them. Always opt for caution over the impulsiveness of the moment. Keep calm and grit your teeth while waiting for the wheel of fortune to turn in your favour. To grasp some opportunities you will have to be very diplomatic. This is a very promising month to taking exams, travelling, expanding your field of action in work or in studies: take advantage of it. You will succeed in promptly and brilliantly avoiding trip ups that false friends will put in your path!
LOVE AND HARMONY. You are eager to enter a fascinating complication. Be very careful because you may risk not being able to turn back. Seduction dressed up at its best may be difficult to resist, but if you “reason” with your heart, your true feelings will win.
HEALTH AND WELL-BEING. Someone you didn’t believe in will free you from an old promise that was weighing you down. Serenity in the family and a few sparks with friends. Try to take life more philosophically.


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