12 July 2024

Nouveau by Sharon Blain

Theatrical, majestic and impressive: ponytails are embellished with mini-weaves, while graphic shapes yield to minimalist influences. The collection also embraces the freehand fingerwaves of the 40s, as well as the soft chignon, for a summer full of glamour and romance.

  • Credits
    Artistic Direction & Hair: Sharon Blain
    Photos: Milos Mlynarik
    Hair Assistants: Luby Tafe, Petr Vackar, Kerry Arvidson, Sophie Clark
    Makeup: Chereine Waddell
    Styling: Amber Leigh, Madelaine Caldwell, Breeanna Wardrop, Valeria Sanchez, Hannah Bailey
    Headpieces: Stephanie Browne


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