23 May 2024

Hat’s Off to the Best! Meet the American Crew 2017-2018 All-Star Challenge Global Winner!

American Crew knows men’s styling and grooming better than anyone in the world and they have now announced Vitaly Pimenov (Russia) as the Global Winner of the 2017-2018 All-Star Challenge!

The American Crew All-Star Challenge is known worldwide as the top men’s grooming competition. In addition to the art of men’s grooming – the challenge also focuses on creativity, technique and the interpretation of the American Crew man. Sixteen international finalists received an all-expense-paid trip to the competition finals in Barcelona (Spain), where their creations were photographed by legendary hairstylist/photographer and founder of American Crew, David Raccuglia.

Thousands of stylists from all over the world entered the competition, with the following country finalists chosen to represent on the global stage tonight in Barcelona: Kelvin Wong (Australia), Hassan Nasser (Canada), Brit Laursen (Denmark), Rabbah Bouzghaia (France), Laura Sierra Garcia (Germany), Mariano Schiano (Italy), Daniel Arturo Quinones Elias (Mexico), Wilman Valverde Perez (Peru), Vitaly Pimenov (Russia), Viggo Von Scheliha (South Africa), Alberto Salvador (Spain), Julien Vacca (Switzerland), Mehmet Ali Denel (Turkey), Sam Wall (UK), Bohdan Vasylevskyi (Ukraine) and Jorge Buccio (USA).

The global judging panel for the competition was: Sandra Nygaard, Fashion and Grooming Director, Men’s Health; Sergi Bancells, International Editorial Director, ESTETICA MAGAZINE; Adam Mir, 2016-2017 All-Star Challenge Global Champion; Paul Wilson, Global Artistic Director, American Crew & Co-owner and Creative Director, Art + Science Salon; and Phoenix Thomson, Senior Education Manager, American Crew.

Meet Vitaly Pimenov

Describe your professional career path:
I started at 18. Despite protestations from my father, I went to the big city Omsk to study at hairdressing college. Later on I participated in many competitions, won and lost. Six years ago, I created my own course and started teaching people. One and a half years ago, I opened my barbershop. Now I’m teaching hairdressers and barbers throughout Russia, working with my clients in the barbershop and working on photoshoots.

What are your grooming must-haves and favorite American Crew products?
For me the best American Crew product is Alternator, and the second one is Boost powder. I use these products more than anything else!

What does the American Crew All-Star Challenge mean to you?
For me the American Crew All-Star Challenge is the best men’s contest in the world, because I love the philosophy of this brand. This is embodiment of masculinity, true men’s beauty.

Tell us in a #hashtag how you felt when you learned you won.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to pursue a career as a stylist?
I actually believe the most important thing in life is love of our profession, love what you are doing, and don’t forget that before you win, you have to lose a thousand times. Only failures and losses make us stronger. They keep in themselves all lessons and wisdom. Don’t be afraid to lose, analyse mistakes and move forward!

How has American Crew influenced the way you view men’s grooming?
American Crew is a men’s brand with its own true philosophy. It influences the clients in my barbershop, because before I start to cut their hair, I talk with them and show them pictures from the American Crew All-Star Challenge and different American Crew photoshoots.”

What do you love most about being a stylist?
The favorite thing for me is that we are not just cutting hair, we are changing people’s lives. We offer them a kind of happiness and make them feel better about themselves!


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