6 February 2023

Lifestyle by The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team

We believe you attract what you put out there, so that was our starting point, we started to question what work do we want to be doing everyday?,” comments Tom Connell, Trevor Sorbie Artistic Director.

What hair do we feel will take our clients in a fresh direction but still be wearable and achievable for women of all ages? We didn’t want the collection to be elitist, being careful to ensure each haircut could be adapted for any age, face or hair type.

Wanting this to be a lifestyle shoot the Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team studied the brands they wanted to align with, the photography work by Sandro and Joseph were particular influences as the women in their campaigns felt real and attainable. Styling was a particular focus, they shot each model in multiple positions to ensure they had their close up ‘campaign shots’ focusing on the hair, together with their full length ‘editorial Shots’ letting the total look take centre stage.

We wanted someone to walk past our salon window and want the models jeans as much as they would want her fringe. Separating our photography is the way we can create our strongest work, it has removed any restrictions, freshened our approach and allowed us to explore each concept to it’s fullest,” says Tom Connell.

  • Credits
    Hair: The Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team
    Photo: Matilda Temperley
    Makeup: Nicky Weir
    Styling: Thea Lewis Yates


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