7 October 2022

Introducing Magic Tides Collection: Bring Fairytale Looks to Life with Paul Mitchell!

Tools of the trade have to reflect you culture and style, and Paul Mitchel has not been lost on that fact. With new limited edition styles being designed every few months, Paul Mitchell knows there is a bit of personality and panache when it comes to looking the best with your tools for your clients, and merging style with professional grade technology is exactly what we love at Estetica.

The trending theme? Mermaids!

Let a wave of whimsy wash over your spring and summer styling routine with the Paul Mitchell Magic Tides collection. Inspired by sirens of the sea, fantasy and all things fairytale, discover bewitchingly beautiful tools and product sets for your hair’s happily ever after.

Paired with holographic holding cases and a beautiful lavender-sky blue theme, this limited edition collection is for the stylists with the most colorful clients in the industry!

In this exclusive collection, you will find an array of tools designed to create all kinds of looks, whether the goal is to smooth it out or texturizing the wild waves through the hair. Along with a three in one curling wand and straighteners, you can fill your working space with more pastel by adding the brush display, consisting of 10 brushes including the 3 styling brushes and 6 paddle brushes for your clients who decide they also need some pastel in their beauty routine.

By using these gorgeous tools that advertise themselves, you can easily start the conversation about retail, and present to clients the styling duos that come as a part of the collection, ideal for any desired finish and texture… DON’T MISS OUR GALLERY BELOW!

For more information and a more in depth look at the collection, please visit www.paulmitchell.com/limited-edition


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