10 December 2022

Exclusive Video! Inspiring Pyromantic with Sebastian Professional

Rock stars DJ Ashba and James Michael solidify their relationship with Sebastian Professional as Global Art Director Shay Dempsey helps transform their image – Don’t miss our exclusive video below!

James Michael and DJ Ashba –previously of the rock band SIXX:A.M.–, are working together on their new project named Pyromantic, and Sebastian Professional’s Global Art Director Shay Dempsey is the iconic hairstylist behind the looks for the new rock duo! Their image, of course, has to reflect the energy of Pyromantic’s music and this requires someone with sufficient expertise to create a look as powerful as their new sound.

DJ and I knew we were starting something new and that we had to shift gears, so a lot of that became about how were we going to break away from our past and evolve into something new in a believable and artistic way – so one of the first calls I made was to Shay,” said James about the moment where he decided a change was necessary after 15 years of looking the same.

I started doing their hair as a client and, in true Sebastian fashion, he wanted his hair bleached, with a shadow root and a grey type of texture and we just seemed to click – we just started to become friends,” says Dempsey about their connection. “I have been looking after the guys for the last two years and now in their new journey.

The photoshoot that represents their rebranded image –led by photographer Michael Pool and Melanie Garibay, Sr. Manager North America Shows & Events at COTY Professional Beauty– was essential in the undertaking of this new project. The fact that Sebastian Professional is present in such a vital transition of these artists from one genre to another is of massive significance to both the culture of the band and the culture of the hair brand, who will now have a strong connection to the Pyromantic act.

The thing that I have loved about my relationship with all Sebastian hairstylists is that the conversations we have are deep and are about the creative spirit,” says James. “We feel like we’re in a tribe and that the same guy full of tattoos has had to endure a similar scrutiny. We get each other, artistic people have to stick together because we understand what it is like to be an artistic soul; whether it’s a new song, a hairstyle or a new clothing image, there’s this connection that we have with creatives.

I’ve been using Sebastian stuff for a long, long time and they have the best hairstylists in the world,” says Ashba. “For us is more than a haircut – it’s a family. As creative as we are in music, that’s how they are visually with hair. It couldn’t be a better team to collide together – we’re really excited about the future of Pyromantic and our relationship with Sebastian.



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