2 October 2022

Professional Beauty Care Brand, Schwarzkopf Professional celebrates 120 Years of REinventing Hair!

Throughout 2018, Professional Beauty Care brand, Schwarzkopf Professional will celebrate their 120th Anniversary. With a BRAND NEW campaign –REinventing Hair– we can expect to see a year of inspiration as one of the world’s leading hair brands push creative boundaries and honor 120 years of pioneering hairdressing!

Starting as a family business in 1898, chemist Hans Schwarzkopf launched his beauty care brand in Berlin – his first drugstore was called The Dye, Drug and Perfumery Store (image above). Just 5 years later, Hans Schwarzkopf created his first product – Hair Wash Powder “Schaumpon”. The innovation came after a woman came into his drugstore asking for something to clean her hair –Hans couldn’t find anything– so he decided to make his own. The Schwarzkopf® Powder Shampoo was so popular that within a couple of years it was selling in drugstores all over Berlin as one of the first branded products in the beauty market; Schwarzkopf® quickly grew into an international brand.

During this same year Hans Schwarzkopf, also created Schwarzkopf Professional’s ‘cameo’ logo. After several years growing the brand, a life-long relationship with hairdressers was born as Schwarzkopf launched the professional side of the business, alongside the first of many institutes for education.

With innovation deeply rooted its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional has continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years while making true milestones in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe! Keeping the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional innovates, inspires, educates, connects and supports the hairdresser, adding real value to their salon business. From cutting-edge products, such as BC BONACURE®, IGORA®, BLONDME®, OSiS+® and its breakthrough integrated Bonding Technology, to bi-annual ESSENTIAL LOOKS® trend collections, tailored salon support programs and progressive hairdresser training from ASK Education, Schwarzkopf Professional is continuously REinventing hair in partnership with the hairdresser.

Schwarzkopf Professional – Fashion and Trends

Since its inception in 1997, there have been over 40 ESSENTIAL LOOKS® Collections, translating directional runway trends into wearable salon looks for hairdressers worldwide. Many of the world’s top models have appeared in ESSENTIAL LOOKS. ESSENTIAL LOOKS® is an integral part of the Schwarzkopf Professional® service offer; providing hairdressers with everything they need to enhance their creativity, maximize their skills and achieve salon success.

Enabling hairdressers to deliver the latest ESSENTIAL LOOKS® trends and the looks clients see on social media – easier than ever before, and while maintaining optimal hair quality – Schwarzkopf Professional has now integrated Bonding Technology in our color and lightening products.

In 2017, the Schwarzkopf Professional TrendLab was launched, an exciting venture that firmly places the brand in the digital era as they respond to viral trends in real time. Fast-forward to today – for the first time ever at Schwarzkopf Professional – leading color brand, IGORA ROYAL®, has opened its color labs to three of the most inspiring digital hairdresser influencers and three of the world’s leading colorists, as they team-up to co-create brand new color shades and they are part of the upcoming digital campaign #RoyalTakeOver. It’s the co-labs, the trends, the relationships that allow Schwarzkopf Professional to distil the unique stories of today to inspire every hairdresser partner.

Schwarzkopf Professional – Digital Approach

Schwarzkopf Professional applies a full 360° approach when it comes to digital; from 37 globally relevant websites, on the go apps, and engaging online education platforms, to a dynamic social media presence – which covers the latest trends and products, live hairdresser Q&As, inspirational influencer-led events, how-to videos and animated GIFs, plus much, much more (simply follow @schwarzkopfUSA) – so that every day Schwarzkopf Professional can inspire and move hairdressers forward towards the future.

Schwarzkopf Professional works with ambassadors, hairdressers and bloggers from 45 nationalities, with brand ambassadors in 27 countries. It’s this relationship with influencers all over the world that helps the brand create cutting-edge content and commercial inspiration for hairdressers to use across every medium.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Shared Passion

While Schwarzkopf Professional is proud of every achievement, the brand is marking its substantial anniversary by firmly looking forward to the future. International Creative Director, Simon Ellis, shares the brand-new campaign idea: REinventing Hair… “Focused on our restless creativity and our passion for hair. Like all the best ideas, it’s very simple. Highlighting the prefix ‘RE’, we bring to life our drive to continuously REformulate, REinvent, REimagine, REinspire and REboot our business.

And how do they do it? “Our passion manifests itself in many ways but we have one core obsession… We are one. Bound together by our love of hair. We are fuelled by the same fire and devotion to our craft. Our collective ambition to excel drives our spirit. To question. To explore. To outdo what’s been done before. And so, we create and REcreate. We REfine and REdesign. We take what’s been broken and REbuild. We REshape and REvive, REpair and REstore. We REcolor what has lost vibrancy and REstyle what has lost its edge. We REveal what’s been hidden, and REplace the old with the new. REthinking, REworking, REnewing. We are always REinventing hair. This is our mission. Every day, everywhere. We do it together. With a true passion for hair.”

Adding Real Value to Salon Business

Schwarzkopf Professional® will co-create with the hairdresser, so the hairdresser can bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the center of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional…

…INNOVATE so that hairdressers can deliver a standout service
…INSPIRE hairdressers with the latest looks and the tools to create them
…EDUCATE through progressive hairdresser training
…CONNECT with leading influencers in the hairdressing industry
…SUPPORT the hairdresser every step of the way

Schwarzkopf Professional will continue to build on 120 years of REinventing hair, REthinking hair color, REdefining hair trends, REvolutionizing education, REboosting salon success and REinforcing partnerships… because “your success is our success”!

2018 will be a year of hair REinvention with exciting new brands and product launches – for more information visit www.schwarzkopfpro.com


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