22 July 2024

GR-7 Professional: A Revolutionary Anti-Greying Solution

GR-7 is a substance that restores the natural colour and shade of hair. It penetrates the scalp, stimulating hair bulbs containing melanin, a substance responsible for the natural dye of hair.

GR-7 Professional is used to stop greying and get a lasting effect – it restores and then maintains the hair in a natural colour. It is composed of mostly natural ingredients – burdock and horsetail extract. The liquid does not contain ammonia, the excess of which could lead to hair loss. GR-7 Professional has been recognised in Western European countries (with distributors already established in France and UK) and is an undisputed trend in hair care.

Effectiveness of GR-7

Microscopic examinations made in February 2017 in the clinical trial confirm that the tester regained his natural hair colour within first weeks of use. The same effect has later been confirmed in consumer tests ordered by Eurofins, a leading European consumer product testing agency.  A group of 25 testers assesed the effects of GR-7 Professional, giving it a high 4,85 mark, on a scale 1 – 5.  

Hair dyed with colouring shampoos or traditional dyes are of uniform colour throughout the length of the hair. When using GR-7 Professional it is possible to obtain natural colour in different shades.

How to use GR-7 

GR-7 Professional should be used at least once a day. The effects of returning to natural hair colour can usually be seen in the first 7 days of use, depending on individual. Most people experience a visual effects between 7 and 14 days. In few cases, the process may take a couple of days longer.

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