29 September 2022

Estetica’s Astral Projections: Get Your February Horoscope Now!

Your horoscope for this month, February 2018, as read by our resident astrological expert, Dr. Maurizio Platone.

ARIES | 21 March – 20 April

MONEY AND WORK. Too many issues to resolve, even if they are positive. Luckily you have very supportive colleagues. A job proposal for a new project or a free-lance activity seems to have a serious and long-lasting foundation, but before making a decision, it would be better to weigh the pros and cons. Hurrying is never a good idea. Be patient if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises.
LOVE AND HARMONY. The Stars are sending you a powerful charge of energy and determination with positive reflections on your sentimental life. You will be irresistible and you will be able to conquer whatever you want, both in your love life and in your career.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Extraordinary energies and an open mind: these are the right ingredients for finally making that breakthrough. Stay away from sugars and allow yourself some down time.

TAURUS | 21 April – 20 May

MONEY AND WORK. Some interesting opportunities should appear on the horizon. There are often many opportunities, but you are too often distracted, although you have a good overall view. The time has come to dare, thanks to widespread planetary protective force that lets you obtain great results on the job. Unleash your energies and act decisively, as you have always wanted to. But before making a move, scrutinize your conscience and take stock of what is truly important for your future.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You will “melt” for a sentiment that warms the heart and the planets could be your artful accomplices to help spark a love affair where you work.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. A hearty laugh and a long sleep will not only help you, but are the best cure according to the doctor. Eat proteins and energetic foods and rediscover optimal psycho-physical balance.

GEMINI | 21 May – 21 June

MONEY AND WORK. Your hesitation is totally unfounded. You have an excellent idea that everyone will like and your bosses will manifest all their approval, leaving you free to organise yourself as you please. Engagements will fill your agenda, sparking long-term project that you had put off. Organise yourself as best you can, but take some time to breath and leave room for unexpected opportunities.
LOVE AND HARMONY. A stimulating phase for sweet dreams of love; relationships will bloom. For singles, new meetings will be disappointing and the dissatisfaction that the astral picture brings might push you towards new shores, or even the return of an old flame.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Change course and let yourself be tempted by the idea of spending a few days in a spa or wellness centre. You will enjoy an extraordinarily liberating and calming period, perfect for detoxing diets and rehabilitative gymnastics.

CANCER | 22 June – 22 July

MONEY AND WORK. If there is no colleague who will act as a mediator, you will end up saying nothing. Don’t knock yourself down. Now is the time to find solutions to resolve those problems that have been tormenting you lately and make courageous decisions. Remember that the boss listens to all proposals, then decide which offers more opportunities. There is a serious possibility of receiving a lovely surprise.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Dispel your anxieties and live the moment. You might get a yes for a precise request you made. Take it and make the best of it! Love does not mean possessing, but appreciating. If you love a flower, don’t pick it, but let it live. Otherwise it will cease to be what you loved.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. You will soon be your old volatile, confident, and enthusiastic self. But stay away from animal proteins. Dreaming is good for you, because it expands your range of possibilities.

LEO 23 | July – 23 August

MONEY AND WORK. You must improve your behaviour and calm your fiery nature if you want to improve your relationship with clients and collaborators. You will discover that you have creative streak that you never thought of, but at the cost of some precision. This period is brimming with great enthusiasm and some disappointments. To avoid them, keep your sense of reality tuned. Try to be cautious in tempting fate and remember that the beginning of wisdom means forgiving others for being different from us.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Remember that love is not for the lazy. To bask in its glory we sometimes must make precise and powerful gestures. Serenity in the family reflects positively on the couple.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Your presence in the family is useful for helping to see an issue that creates tension and disagreements more realistically. A move might be more difficult than foreseen.

VIRGO | 24 August – 22 September

MONEY AND WORK. You get moving only if the objective is ambitious. In any case, everything will go smoothly even if, to be honest, it will be very disorganised but totally effective. Ban excessive thrift. You can throw yourself serenely into an important…. and probably profitable…. purchase! Don’t even try to win the lottery or gambling, but remember that what you get with little help from luck will last much longer.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Running, elopements, pursuals: a period of movement in love. You must fight yourself and be free, which will lead you to a fun and pleasant game, but lacking in long-lasting engagements.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Feeling down for no reason, but don’t neglect yourself. A period with some unforeseen events, bad moods, and stress. Change course immediately and pamper yourself with the treatments you need and deserve!

LIBRA | 23 September – 22 October

MONEY AND WORK. Great strength and determination in work or innovative projects. The results are sure and everything will seem easy and spontaneous, while in reality it will be hard work. You have great ideas to share with members of your staff, intuitions and collaborations. The stars are favourable and this is a positive period, but don’t rest on your laurels. Love and luck are shining like the moon.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Try to better understand the meaning of life and calm excess passion that obstructs serene dialogue. A period characterised by love affairs and little interest in family problems and a craving for escape.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by a weak reaction to inconveniences, but react readily and remember that the greatest treasure… is your health!

SCORPIO | 23 October – 22 November

MONEY AND WORK. An astral body in the sign accentuates the desire for change and makes getting back to routine depressing. It would be better to break some habits, find a hobby, and frequent places that aren’t your usual haunts. Sometimes things done without thinking too much are the best and, as we know, fortune favours the bold. A chorus of appreciations dispels the malice that upset your circle of friends and colleagues.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You have spent some idyllic days, but now you feel that someone has treated you unfairly and there may be some family disputes that complicate the situation. There are lots of options in love, including a definitive break-up, if it is the best thing for both of you.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. A sport keeps you in shape. Do some physical activity, like jogging, and laugh more. Happiness is the main ingredient in the recipe for good health.

SAGITTARIUS | 23 November – 21 December

MONEY AND WORK. Differences with your colleagues or bosses, but an unexpected event resolves it. For the near future, try to be pleasant and manifest your willingness. In this way you will succeed in obtaining better results and organising things as you please. Don’t put anything off until tomorrow. This is a good time to improve the overall situation.
LOVE AND HARMONY. You can’t understand yourself…and there is some disharmony in the air, but the stars will give you a hand to clarify misunderstandings that have occurred recently with your beloved or people dear to you.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. You get lost in your daydreams,  but what’s wrong with that? Your commitment to your career will produce great results, but at a certain price and with plenty of stress. Make sure you get time to relax and eat plenty of fish and cruciferous veggies.

CAPRICORN | 22 December – 20 January

MONEY AND WORK. You have some vague ideas and, thanks to the collaboration of colleagues, they will take shape. Projects that should be upgraded. You can demand more of yourself and circumstances, but nothing is easy. You must seek to create an atmosphere of approval at work, rather than criticism. You will increase performance and reach unthinkable goals. Some controversy and nerves must not be allowed to chip away at your determination and ambition.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Your partner is willing, but does not want to be commanded. You find it difficult to open up, even though you want to. It is a moment for reflection and assuming your responsibilities.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. A preoccupation will be unfounded, yet you are a bit down and dulled by too many commitments, bad moods, and a lack of energy.

AQUARIUS 21 | January – 19 February

MONEY AND WORK. Sudden changes in plans: bosses or colleagues will make the announcement but not explain why. Differences in opinion and small problems must not diminish your desire to undertake new initiatives or be detrimental to getting back to your routine. Be patient and wise. Only you can reconcile orders or ideas, that may appear nonsensical, with your very different objectives.
LOVE AND HARMONY. People who play tug-of-war tire themselves out and get nowhere. You will soon be one of the many disappointed and broken-hearted by those who love you, convinced that competition leads to defeat.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Even if you are inpatient,  you don’t show it. You are actually more vulnerable than usual to joint problems. Take precautions against climatic changes and excessive efforts made. Energies are not flowing as smoothly as a few years ago and everything feels “heavier”.

PISCES | 20 February – 20 March

MONEY AND WORK. You will resolve problems on your own while colleagues will help you get new projects off the ground. Don’t trust excessive enthusiasm and advice from friends. The plants announce a moment of constructive changes. The more you try, the greater your rewards will be. Efficiency and synthesis are the qualities that will bring rewards and enable you to take price in your work. Contact, moves, and new initiatives are favoured in your career and in your family. Take advantage now as later you will feel lazy.
LOVE AND HARMONY. Minor uncertainties and worries can darken this favourable moment. Just be careful to avoid them. Wonderful meetings for those capable of letting themselves go.
WELLNESS AND HEALTH. Spend some time reflecting and meditate on some future projects. Enjoy longs walks in the open air.


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