6 October 2022

TEK’S How-To Guide for Stressless Tresses when Traveling

While nearly every hotel room across the globe –from an ultra-luxe Four Seasons to Motel 6 efficiency– provides a blow dryer for convenience, deciding which hair accessories to pack can be a head-spinning decision.

When space is at a premium, packing them all weighs-down a bag and takes up too much of the suitcase. Do at-home tools even comply with a glamorous destination’s voltage? From destination weddings to spring break getaways, TEK’s pre-planning brush-packing guide alleviates the guesswork, resulting in better style for show-off selfies and a lighter bag leaving room for souvenirs no matter the locale or reason visited.

Instead of spending coveted vacation time in the room styling hair, TEK suggests a bit of advance thought to the destination’s activities and weather and maximizing precious days away from home for fun.

FITNESS RETREATS: Who knew downward dog was a head’s best friend? What does the body good also beautifies tresses: hiking and yoga benefit the hair by getting the blood circulating more efficiently. Enhance and embrace exercise’s exponential health benefits perhaps adding a little color therapy along the way via TEK’s terrific lacquer line. Think of it as an a la carte spa treatment with scalp massage benefits when starting from the roots as the flexible hornbeam wood pins feel so good atop the head while also absorbing excess sebum produced during a workout. With seven hues to choose, the brushes are sold in two silhouettes: big oval for long hair and a narrow rectangle for short-to-medium locks.

CITY STYLE: When suitcase space is an issue, consider swapping out the curling/straightening iron or bulky curlers for TEK’s multitasking antibacterial Ceramik round brush whose patented porous brush-base materials help close delicate hair follicles, keeping hair shiny, clean from contaminants and damage free. When used with a blowdryer, the heat meets the base for sealing superlative shape in mere moments. TEK offers four diameter choices — .94”, 1.18”, 1.42” and 1.65”; remember – the longer the hair, the wider the brush. Each brush’s hundreds of strategically-engineered bristles do double duty for daily maintenance.

BEACHY SHEEN: Embrace the waves for effortless style from beach to dinner while protecting and nurturing hair naturally. Consider giving hair a break from an accessory’s artificial heat and take advantage of the sun’s warmth to deep condition by distributing a favorite potion on wet hair with one of TEK’s seven natural ash-wood thick-teeth combs ensuring even and tangle-free distribution while combing through.

APRÈS SKI SHINE: Cold temperatures combined with hat-flattened hair require gentle detangling and anti-static properties. TEK’s Prestige Collection features three bristle types –hornbeam wood pins, boar and a boar/nylon mix– specifically designed as a fly-aways’ foe while distributing the scalp’s natural oils throughout the hair’s length.

For gorgeous style on the go, TEK’s mini-brush and ash-wood wide-tooth comb twin-set define the perfect purse accessories because they’re packaged with a protective cotton case for keeping both clean from debris no matter what else lies inside a bag. The comb is tiny enough for slipping into a coat pocket or evening bag; the brush easily fits into daytime-sized handbags for fast fixes and touch-ups anywhere. The natural rubber base’s anti-static properties make this easy-cleaning too.


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