9 December 2023

An Inspired Survivor: Catching Up with Hairdresser at Heart Katrina Ruiz

Helping those affected by cancer feel beautiful is a year-round endeavor for Katrina Ruiz, a true Hairdresser at Heart, founder of the Beauty Cures Project and cancer survivor.

This Utah-based charity aims to provide specialized services for those fighting a tough battle. From wig styling to micro-blading and permanent makeup, a team of salon pros led by Katrina offer their passion for beauty in an effort to cure any amount of pain they can. 

Hairdressers at Heart presented Katrina with a check that not only helped the Beauty Cures Project reach more cancer patients and survivors, but also gave Katrina motivation to continue her mission at a time she needed it most.

When I learned that I’d won, I was only a few days out from having my double mastectomy,” said Katrina. “Wella was 100% here for me. It blew my mind how supportive they were, not only of my charity, but also of me.”

It’s not just Katrina who’s grateful for the support. Those she’s helped are, too. When asked her favorite patient success story, she couldn’t pick just one. “Everybody’s story is just so very dear to me. It’s hard to choose one over the other.

Not long after her award and surgery, this hairdresser was back to work on her Beauty Cures Project. “We put a lot of the money toward marketing tools to be able to expand the charity. We also had 25 gift baskets put together and have been donating those to patients going through radiation and chemo therapy.”

In addition to the monetary support, Katrina has been appreciative for the buzz her award created. “It’s hard to find people to donate their time and services, but [since winning] we’ve had three more people join our team!

While Katrina grows her team, she’s also growing her reach. “I will be working with cancer patients in Twin Falls, Idaho, branching out to Pocatello, Idaho, then I’ll speak at a salon in Denver, Colorado.” This outpour of support has helped Katrina take her goals for the Beauty Cures Project to the next level. “I’d like to eventually bring the Beauty Cures Project all over the U.S,” she said, adding stylists nationwide, from Arizona to Michigan, have reached out to join their fellow hairdresser in her journey.  

Katrina’s team has also been making an effort to assist those affected by cancer at every stage of their battle. “I’ve been able to get to the hospitals to teach classes for people dealing with diagnoses,” she said, offering classes such as “Dealing with the Diagnosis,” “The Silent Type,” and “The Big C.”

It’s just the beginning for this powerful group of Hairdressers at Heart, who continue to participate in local benefits and donate to other charities empowering patients and survivors.

Pay it forward and help Katrina and the Beauty Cures Project continue their mission by donating here


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