13 April 2024

Move Over Boys! Leading Ladies take the Stage at ISSE Long Beach 2018

What do Eden Sassoon, Tracey Hughes, Candy Shaw, Sonya Dove & Jenny Strebe have in common? AND… How is Sam Villa involved?

They made history when they took the stage together for the very first time addressing, head-on, the issues facing women in the beauty industry today. The inaugural appearance of Leading Ladies was held in Florida @ the Premiere Orlando Beauty Show on June 5th 2017 on the Main Stage. Industry great, and ‘token male’, Sam Villa was outstanding as the MC who moderated this star-studded, ‘girl-power’ panel. The women tackled the issues they face both in the beauty business and in life in general as wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters, business women, entrepreneurs, educators and philanthropists.

Next stop is ISSE in Long Beach!

Leading Ladies was spearheaded by globally renowned Australian Speaker, Tracey Hughes, who recently moved to the U.S. Tracey shares the concept and why she initiated the Leading Ladies program.With our industry being over 80% female my vision was to celebrate the Ladies that are really are making a difference. I selected the panel based upon the women’s strong commitments to ‘give back’. Plus, I wanted women who have heart and soul who are resilient and inspirational. My biggest objective is to inspire all women to believe in themselves and their dreams to follow their own journey courageously,” says Tracey.

You can join the Leading Ladies next at ISSE in Long Beach, California on Sunday 28th January 2018 as part of “The Blow Out” event in the Terrace Theatre at 7.30pm. Tracey insists on keeping Sam Villa as the MC for all Leading Ladies events!!! So why is he involved?

Sam is so well respected and has such an empowering stage presence he was the obvious choice to be our MC. He is extremely humble and gracious and we all know that everyone LOVES Sam Villa!!!!!!!” says Tracey.

The dynamic duo, Tracey and Sam, have plans in place for further repeat performances, at major shows across North America and Internationally with aspirations to develop the panel and feature other amazing Leading Ladies.

Sam shares his thoughts on Leading Ladies. “I am so proud to partner with Tracey to provide inspiration to our industry and for numerous Leading Ladies to have a voice. Tracey is a visionary and her reputation is outstanding. She is a wonderful industry ambassador with a selfless devotion who supports anyone’s mission to ‘give back’. I guarantee that the audience will witness a raw, emotional, honest and heartfelt look into life on the road and in the limelight as the Ladies share their inspirational stories and their challenges. So join us for lots of tears and laughter!” says Sam.

Well it certainly looks like the Aussie petite powerhouse is making her mark since moving to the USA and we are so honored that Tracey has invested so much into bringing us Leading Ladies!

See you everyone at ISSE Long Beach 2018!


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