2 October 2023

An Educator’s Journey: Inside the Mind of Organic Pure Care Stylist Sean Foley

As a hairdresser, making it to the stage of a major brand is one of the hottest gigs in the industry; you get to travel while giving back insight and knowledge to those who love the same things you do!

Organic Pure Care Stylist Sean Foley found the path of education and has Organic Pure Care as a tool and platform to share his secrets. By doing so, he gives professionals knowledge and training of products to best preform on their clients at the salon.

Currently one of the head cutting and styling educators for Hafezi Collective, Sean shares with us his decision for being a vital part of Organic Pure Care’s culture, mission and commitment!

What is it about Organic Pure Care that inspired you to choose it as the brand culture you want to be a part of?
I very much believe in what the products stand for. It’s extremely important for me to use products personally and on my guests that use natural ingredients. I noticed an amazing difference the very first time I used OPC and so have my guests. I continue to stay impressed with OPC and all the new products they launch.

What has been your role with the company and what are your future plans with OPC?
Currently my role is that I am a cutting and styling educator for Hafezi Collective, which is the distributor for OPC here in the US. I have been fortunate enough to teach classes to other great salons that carry OPC and are focused on the OPC brand and culture. Being asked to be a brand ambassador is such an honor and my future plans are to continue to grow with Hafezi Collective and to potentially become a global educator for OPC.

Tell me how your journey with education started?
My journey with education started shortly after beginning my career. I’ve always had a passion to learn more about the craft of hairdressing, which ultimately led me to becoming an educator. I first became and educator for the Aveda institutes where I began honing my skills as an educator. It was a great experience because I got to teach students that were basically beginners of the craft. After a couple years of working at the Institute level, I became a certified hair cutting Purefessional for Aveda corporate. Through that opportunity I was able to gain amazing training with some of the industries top stylists. Today I am the men’s educator for my salon’s training program, advanced hair cutting educator, and honored to be a cutting and styling educator for Hafezi Collective and the OPC product line.

Have you witnessed business be positively affected by utilizing OPC products in the salon?
Yes, I have definitely noticed a growing interest and excitement since bringing OPC products in the salon. Guests by nature are always excited about new products but when you add in the elements of high quality ingredients and products that actually do what they say, it makes introducing them and selling them that much easier.

What is a piece of unforgettable advice?
Be patient. The hair industry is a tough one at times. There are going to be days that are slow in the beginning. There will be days when you’ll look over and see someone doing a haircut or color application that you think you’ll never master. But if you stay patient, work hard, and practice often, good things will definitely follow.

What excites you the most right now about the industry?
What I’m most excited about right now is the shift toward male grooming. Its gained massive momentum in the past 4 or 5 years and it’s very clear that it isn’t going anywhere. I remember growing up getting my haircut in barbershops as a kid and it was the thing I always looked forward to most. Hair styling and barbering are finally becoming more blended which gives tons of opportunity to learn more about male grooming as a traditionally trained hair stylist.

Of course, what is your favorite OPC product and why?
My favorite OPC product currently is the Strong Fixing Hair Spray. I have a large male clientele base and it’s a great product for finishing off those higher pompadour looks for long lasting all day hold.

For more information, please visit www.organicpurecare.com


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