12 July 2024

Ten Facts About HAIR That (Maybe) You Didn’t Know…!

How many hairs do we have? How long does it  take to grow and… How many do we lose in a day? Here you have 10 curious facts about hair that you’ve always wanted to know

10. During which season does hair grow the most?
The right answer is… summer. Heat and exposure to the sun favor a slightly faster growth rate.

9. What is the least common natural color?
Red is much less common than the wide variety of browns (the most common worldwide) and blonds. Scotland and Ireland are the countries with the most redheads, at respectively 13% and 10% of the population.

8. How long does a hair live?
In eighth position of these 10 questions about hair, we have put the regrowth cycle: in a man a healthy hair lives between two and four years, while for a women it lives between five and six. From one follicle, a hair can be “reborn” up to twenty times.

7. How much weight can they support?
We are certain that you ask yourself this question every time your comb gets caught in a tangle: how much weight can it support? Much more than you ever imagined: a great head of hair can tolerate the weight of… two elephants!

6. Should I cut my hair often or not?
Among the curiosities about hair is the legend that says cutting hair frequently reinforces its growth. Wrong: everything depends on your genetic make-up and natural physiological cycles.

5. How many hairs do we have on our heads?
The number depends on our natural color: if you are blond, you will have more hair than a redhead (140,000 on average, compared to 90,000). Brown hair tends to average about 100,000. Obviously, there is a compensation: the shaft of blond hair is generally thinner than that of red or brown hair…

4. Does shampooing daily weaken hair?
Another common myth to debunk, unless you are using aggressive detergents that eliminate the natural sebum that helps protect the hair shaft.

3. How many hairs do we lose daily?
In this ranking of ten curiosities about hair, there is one important one: how many hairs fall out daily? On average, about 70-80, but it can vary between 40 and 120. This wide difference depends on the number of follicles that are still active and on the individual regrowth cycle.

2. Are there foods that help keep hair healthy and beautiful?
Absolutely! Among the foods that help promote regrowth and healthy hair are: yellow peppers, oysters, eggs, salmon, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocados, and sweet potatoes.

1. How much does hair grow in a month?
Number one of these 10 curiosities about hair is certainly the most frequently asked questions, above all when we want a long mane in a short time: how long does hair grow every month? On average, European hair grows about 1.2 centimetres every month. Asian hair grows more quickly and African hair grows more slowly (0.9 cm).


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