26 September 2023

Estetica Tells the Tale: Up Close and Personal with Sophie Turner, Wella Global Brand Ambassador

Game of Thrones has placed hairdressing on a national pedestal, with dozens of wigs used per episode and serves as an ode to the art of intricate braiding and hair artistry on set. English actress, Sophie Turner, is Wella’s Global Brand Ambassador, taking her relationship with hair to new levels!

Wella’s Celebrity Stylist Ambassador Christian Wood has been working side by side with Sophie during her Wella Professionals journey which has taught her not only the value of professional hairdressing, but has introduced her to knowledge that has changed her lifestyle! From long hours styling on set to shamelessly living her youth, she has to be able to wear it all with the least amount of damage!

As someone who admits fearing hair breakage through color application, Turner shares what she has learned in the hands of Wood, who joins her in the interview with Estetica’s Sergi Bancells! Sophie speaks of what she loves about Wella, EIMI, and other key advances in hair technology that now allow for infinite hair color possibilities with minimal damage!

What does being a Wella Global Ambassador mean to you?
SOPHIE TURNER: “I find it really exciting because hair is such a big part of my job, especially when transforming myself for roles, and so to be kind of a figure head for products that I truly believe in, that will keep your hair with quality and healthy means a lot. I have specially seen a lot of people, especially in the film industry, loosing hair, hair breaking off, and when it means so much to the person, in terms of your job, it’s really important to keep hair healthy. Also, the fact that I’m representing a certain group of people that are younger and maybe aren’t so confident to dye their hair, because they think that their hair is going to be damaged and unhealthy, and I want to encourage young people that you CAN do it, it just has to be done professionally with these products, and show them that they can achieve it!

Since you’ve become Wella’s brand ambassador, has your hair routine changed at all?
SOPHIE TURNER: “Yeah, it’s always been very important to keep my hair healthy and since being selected, I have been totally aware of every product I put on my hair. Now I know what hair routine is good for me and what isn’t. With Wella everything is good for your hair. Christian as well, he taught me a lot about how important it is to look after your hair, the Wella products that I can use and just general hair routine things, like brushing your hair before bed – things like that which are simple but keep your hair from becoming this matted mess of damage.

How about in terms of styling, which would be some products that you would advise people to use?
CHRISTIAN WOOD: “I think there are different ways to use them, there’s aftercare, which is when she’s taking care of her hair at home and she’s trying to keep it healthy – so Wella has things like the Light Luminous Reflective Oil, which is a dry oil that has no greasiness to it. Sometimes I tell Sophie to apply it before bed so her hair doesn’t get tangled while you’re sleeping. Also, if you drop some into wet hair, it just gives you a special type of shine and manageability to the hair. And then we have those red-carpet moments of styling and we’ll use anything! We love texture in the hair so things like the EIMI Ocean Spritz Spray, and Dry shampoo, things that give volume and texture we love.
SOPHIE TURNER: “And the EIMI Perfect Me which is the lightweight lotion that acts as the perfect base in combination with any product. Technically that’s my favorite styling product!

When it comes to styling your own hair, are you more adventurous now?
SOPHIE TURNER: “Honestly, I trust Christian with my hair the most, he does such a better job that me to style my own hair. I’ve learned like little tips and tricks but no one does better than the stylists, I have to say. I’ve found more confidence in doing it myself because you can’t help but pick up the bobs and pins but I’ll never be able to do it as well as Christian can.

What is the best piece of advice that Christian has given you in the time that you’ve been working together?
SOPHIE TURNER: “Best piece of life advice?! No, kidding, he’s given me a lot of hair advice, a lot of it has to do with the moment before styling, for example, applying that heat protection because I never did that before. I’ve come to learn it’s really important, so EIMI has Thermal Image, that is a heat protection spray, which is brilliant!
CHRISTIAN WOOD: “Just knowing how to take care of the hair in general. I think most of the time when they get to my chair, they have just jumped out of the shower and they have just washed their own hair. I don’t really do treatments or processes like that when working on a red carpet; most people don’t use treatments, so using styler protectors has a huge impact on maintaining hair quality.

What is your go to hair style and what look would you never try?
CHRISTIAN WOOD: “Messy pony…
SOPHIE TURNER: (Laughs) “Yeah I think it is the messy pony! All the time when I’m on sets and working I have my hair down, or in intricate styles, so when I’m at home, I just put it up in a messy pony. It’s chic but it’s practical. And hmm… A color or a cut that I wouldn’t wear… I don’t think there is one! Now that I know I can pretty much dye my hair color anything I want, I don’t think I’ going to say no to any color. I am going to be dying my hair any color of the rainbow. And cut… just because I have a small face and a funny shape to my head, I wouldn’t wear a shaved head. If that wasn’t the case I would try it!

Considering your role in Game of Thrones, I’m sure you’ve noticed the strong symbolism of hair and specially red hair… how have you noticed this influence in the show from an inside perspective?
SOPHIE TURNER: “For me it’s very symbolic and I know that for a lot of other people it means a lot to them. I was talking to someone about when I dyed my hair blonde and how there were a lot of people upset because the red hair meant so much to them. And the red-head to me does symbolize that strength and power of the character that I played – although each hair color has a personality now. This red hair has become kind of iconic for me and I feel very confident in it – it is a lot of myself that I also like to show!


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