8 December 2022

Video Alert! How To Avoid Weight Buildup in Haircuts with Rounded Cutting Lines

Want to know how to create layers that float seamlessly without visual corners? Watch Sam Villa Education Director, Andrew Carruthers, demonstrate a tip for rounding the top edge of layers to maintain strength while avoiding a hard weight line.

Carruthers points out that often times stylists works transversally, meaning the sections being cut traverse the round of the head. So, if cutting something at 90° horizontal, the bottom of the section will be closer to the head and the top of the section will have to stretch further due to the round shape of the head. When a straight vertical line is cut, it creates a little corner of weight at the top edge of the section that has to be texturized to avoid excess weight in the silhouette (a hard corner).

To prevent that issue, Carruthers advises to cut a slightly curved line. Use a Sam Villa Signature Series 5.5″ Swivel Swivel Shears to allow the dexterity needed to curve the shear to create a slightly rounded cutting line that softens the top edge of the line.

When working on a layered pattern with lower elevation, curve your cutting line slightly to follow the curvature of the head and you won’t have to go back in and texturize that area to try to take the line back out,” adds Carruthers.


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