2 June 2023

Multiple by Laetitia Guenaou

Multiple, because by playing with its diversity, every woman makes it her own, unique. Changing, as she wills, revealing facets, styles… she has so many options in her hands

Consum-actress, consum-multiple, consum-quick, for them a single cut is enough. With a simple gesture, guided by the desire of the moment, a new look can be revealed.

Multiple cut, short bob, square shag, long uneven. Multiple hairstyles, smooth, curly, intertwined. Multiple volumes, symmetrical, asymmetrical, round. Multiple marriages of multiple material, notched, curly, embossed. Multiple colors and vast reflections. Blond, gray, iridescent, pearly, metallic, pink.

The 2018 trend is multiplying and plural. Every woman can own it… and make it her own, singular. She creates her own style, that is the only rule. Fashion can only follow.


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