4 December 2021

Video Alert! How To: 3 Ways to Cut a Side Sweeping Fringe with Sam Villa

Side-sweeping fringe is a timeless accent, so it’s important for stylists to know how to cut it multiple ways so they can create it on any length and hair type,” says Andrew Carruthers, Director of Education for Sam Villa

Watch Carruthers demonstrate three different ways to approach cutting fringe focusing on the density of hair, as different densities require different techniques to create the desired texture in side-sweeping fringe.

I like to use a Sam Villa Signature Series Reversible Blending Shear for cutting fringe because it has a slightly tighter tooth spacing and a divot in each tooth that holds hair before it’s cut, so I can get a nice soft line that still has strength,” adds Carruthers.

1. Fine/Low Density Hair (maintaining weight and density): Use low evelvation and cut hair where it naturally lives (especially for baby fine hair).  If hair is taken too far away from natural fall and then cut, too much weight can be removed leaving ends wispy.  Drape hair into comb and direct teeth of the shear toward the face, the direction the teeth are facing influences hair to go in that direction. The result is softness while maintaining density and weight.

2. Medium/Medium Density Hair (layered texture and more movement): Use over direction to create the short to long effect, diagonal sections to opposite side, low elevation and fingers parallel to the section. Continue to over direct to stationery guide. The result is a soft weight line… a lighter airy feel and softer texture while maintaining density some to the hair.

3. Coarse/Heavier Density Hair (or to create more layers and texture): Use diagonal sections pointing towards the eye, elevate 90 degrees to the head shape, keep fingers parallel to the section, and over direct to opposite side.  Continue to over direct to stationary guide, taking more length off the top edge than from the outside edge. The result is a loose-layered shape that collapses the weight out of heavy dense hair.


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