1 July 2022

Meet Joico’s Silver-Blue Bullet Against Brass: LumiShine Silver-Blue Series

Finally, the “silver bullet” in the battle against brass is here. Introducing LumiShine’s Silver Blue Series, an arsenal of silver-blue based demi-permanent liquid shades that deliver Joico’s iciest, coolest results ever plus the proven healthy hair-power of their exclusive ArgiPlex™ Technology.

With a shade range from the palest Level 10 silver to the deepest Level 1 blue-black, the Silver Blue Series does it all: use it to tone platinum blondes, cancel unwanted warmth on dark blondes, or eliminate even the slightest bit of brass on the deepest brunette and black hair. Brassiness doesn’t stand a chance!

The new Joico LumiShine Silver Blue Demi Liquids are the PERFECT cool tone! Stop searching for the right ash tone, or having to create a crazy custom formula for cool tone blondes or brunettes, now you have it in one simple formula! It’s everything you would want in a perfectly balanced ash tone – not too silver, not too blue, and not green, just a gorgeous cool tone every time!” says Ricardo Santiago, professional hairstylist and influencer.


  1. • Outstanding color, shine, and condition in one service
  2. • Amazing versatility: refreshes faded color, tones,cblends away gray, boosts shine
  3. • Intermixable with other LumiShine shades
  4. • Gentle pH balanced, ammonia-free formula

NEW LumiShine Silver Blue Series (Demi-Permanent Liquid Shades): 1BS, 6SB, 7SB, 9SB, and 10SB

TECH SAVVY: These shades fuse the power of three proven, advanced complexes to repair hair damage, restore healthy pH, and lock in exceptional color longevity and shine.

• Arginine Replacement System: Using Joico’s Silver Blue Series as a toner following a lightening service replaces this vital amino acid, instantly restrengthening hair (based on laboratory testing of damaged hair) and reducing breakage (combing breakage on damaged hair with K-PAK® Color Therapy™ Shampoo and Conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo).
• Patented Conditioning Complex: This conditioning shield surrounds the hair shaft to nourish and protect color-treated hair for up to 30 shampoos (with K-PAK Color Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner) sealing in moisture, softness, and unprecedented shine.
• Quadramine Complex®: Joico’s exclusive blend of low molecular weight and size proteins (MWS 150-2500) adhere quickly and effectively to ensure maximum protection and reconstruction from the cuticle to the cortex, guaranteeing healthier-looking hair after each color service.

Get more on the award-winning Joico LumiShine Color (2016 “Stylist’s Choice” for favorite color) like getting the full download step-by-step on the JoiColor System Mobile App today, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play, or visit Joico.com*

Joico LumiShine Demi-Permanent Liquid Silver-Blue shades (1BS, 6SB, 7SB, 9SB, and 10SB) $5.35 Salon Price, *available as of January 2018.


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