27 January 2023

Nanotechnology + Fibers: The Incredible Science behind New Truss Net Mask Hair Repair

Truss Professional’s new Net Mask Hair Repair conditioning treatment boasts the most sophisticated science for intensive shine and hair rejuvenation — plus it’s also fun to use and for clients to see.

How many products can tout  that? Truss’ Net Mask treatment’s innovative intelligent formula of nano-regenerative agents works as a penetrating patented blend of moisturizing elements that are reduced to their atomically tiniest form, which enables Net Mask to grasp the hair’s most porous areas while concurrently quenching and revitalizing each strand for ultra-luminous, resilient tresses stressed by wear-and-tear from overheating and color processing. 

The Science Behind Nanotechnology 

A relatively nascent science, nanotechnology was initially and predominantly developed for treating cancer and other serious illnesses. Physicists and research physicians recently recognized the technology’s nimbleness for cosmeceutical formulations, with super-specific nano (ultra tiny) particles adhering and penetrating skin and hair better than substances with larger molecules. Truss Professional’s team then discovered select nano ingredients were most effective when engineered as fibers, and created a revolutionary delivery method: simply rub hands gently together for even distribution of this nourishingly creamy conditioning masque, then similar to an accordion motion, join and separate the hands a few times to activate Net Mask. Clap hands a few times over the full hair length of clean, towel4dried hair, to release the fibers for even coverage; the effect is reminiscent of lace-y vanilla icing when performed correctly. Massage Net Mask’s fibers  into the hair, then wait five to ten minutes for full absorption.
Rinse well and style as usual.

Nanotechnology Effectiveness Relies on Specific Ingredients 

Designed for all hair types, Net Mask’s exclusive formulation of natural high-powered proteins, vitamins and shine-enhancers makes controlled results easy-peasy despite the relatively complex science behind nanotechnology. Key nano-formulated ingredients:

Creatine is a powerful amino-acid byproduct. Think of it as a micro4particle penetrating  the hair fiber because of its small (nano) size, while reversing damage from chemical  and physical processing. By increasing the hair’s fiber resistance, creatine protects, revitalizes and moisturizes the hair for styling ease.
Sericin, an amino acid specifically cited by nanotechnology scientists, repairs and rebuilds hair suffering from chemical processing by promoting protein mass for long-lasting softness.
Amisil is a conditioning agent formed when combining amino and silicone particles: it reduces volume, improves softness and offers thermal protection. For those rocking ringlets, it defines and separates curls. For straight hair, it allows for smooth, stay-put, disciplined hair.
Polisil is a highly-conditioning active ingredient that easily adheres to damaged strands. It helps define clusters, increases hydration and reduces frizz.
Keratin protein is rapidly absorbed by hair, increasing its strength and upping body.
Panthenol is a vitamin B derivative that invigorates the scalp while moisturizing and restoring hair. It penetrates both the hair follicles and shafts, similar to forming an elastic layer inside and outside of the fiber like a humectant effect, allowing hair to regain its natural luster and body. 

The immediate results? Oh-so-tactile luscious and lovely locks sure to turn anyone green with hair envy! TRUSS NET MASK suggested retail price is $42 (450 g / 15.87oz) and is available in fine salons nationwide or www.usa.trussprofessional.com


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